Cleansing My Collection

This past Wednesday, I wanted to play something but couldn’t make up my mind. I was using my PS3 and I looked at all the games that I had on my hard drive. Around 50. Then I looked at the games I had on my shelf. Around 20. Most of these games I hadn’t even finished playing yet. I was completely overwhelmed by my options and I hadn’t even gotten to my Xbox 360 and PC collection, not to mention my 3DS and older game consoles. I had my hard drive full and adding to that, I had games that I couldn’t install from PS Plus due to the lack of room. If I wanted to try a demo, no room to do so.

I decided I needed a fresh start. I needed to only play games I knew I wanted to play then and there. So I cleaned out my PS3 hard drive of all my installed games. They were all on my account so I knew I could get them again when I needed to. This game me focus towards what I would play next. I ended up playing flOw, Flower, and Journey, three games I never played before and I completed them. Short games, sure, but that was more than I had been able to do recently. I loved those games so much and I’m happy to have completed them. My tactic seems to be working. I’m playing Sleeping Dogs now and Battlefield 3 is next. The only issue I see coming up is Grand Theft Auto V comes out tomorrow and I don’t know if I can not help picking it up.

Have you ever just wiped your collection clean in some way to give yourself clarity as to what to play next?


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