Gaming Precision Updates 8-8-13


Hello, those who follow me here at IGN and / or read my blogs. As some of you may or may not know, I am the managing editor of a little gaming site called Gaming Precision. It’s a site not unlike Destructoid or GameSpot or Joystiq. I ask humbly that you please go over to and check it out. We report on news, have reviews on both old and new games, and have some unique features and editorials. There’s stuff like our writer Mike’s League of Legends Spotlight, where he gives you tips on how to play League of Legends if you’re a noob to the game, or GP Picks (previously known as Recommendations of the Week), where I pick out the best games released that week as well as recommend an old game to play if nothing new interests you. We also have editorials like my latest on Square Enix deciding to enlarge Lightning’s breasts in the upcoming Lightning Returns. We have six writers so far on staff, including Mike, Felisha, Kat, Ivan, Claire, and myself. You’ll get to know a lot of us soon as we’ll be starting a podcast very soon (seriously the first episode will probably go up next week) and video content is also coming to the site soon. So please come check out the site, follow the RSS feed, leave comments on posts you like, and tell your friends.


You talking to me? Are you...talking to me?

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