Should I Get a Wii U?


The topic of this blog is right in the title. With Nintendo announcing a price drop for the Wii U and a bundle with a pack in game I actually want to play (I’ve never cared about Nintendoland), I think the time might be right to drop the cash for a Wii U. However, I have reservations and here’s why.

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Colorwind Plays ► Papers, Please (PC)

On this episode of Colorwind Plays, I’m an immigration officer in communist Russia in Papers, Please for the PC. Continue reading “Colorwind Plays ► Papers, Please (PC)”

Researching the Bruja | Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) [Episode 10] | Colorwind Beats

Part 10 of my playthrough of Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PC via Steam. In this video, I find my Batcave and struggle to maintain a combo. Continue reading “Researching the Bruja | Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) [Episode 10] | Colorwind Beats”

My Gaming Landscape [August 26, 2013]


So I didn’t do a Gaming Landscape last week because I didn’t really play that many video games. I had something happen with my family and was pretty preoccupied. However, I did manage to get myself completely stuck in Final Fantasy XIII. I’ve stopped playing it because I’ve reached Chapter 11 and I just can’t get pass any of the monsters there. I can’t even complete my first mission because that monster just bitch slaps the hell out of me.

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Colorwind Beats ► Deadpool (PC) | Episode 2 “I’m Crazy For Feeling So Lonely!”

Part 2 of my playthrough of Deadpool for the PC. In this video, we actually kill some dudes! Also, a song for your listening pleasure. Continue reading “Colorwind Beats ► Deadpool (PC) | Episode 2 “I’m Crazy For Feeling So Lonely!””

I’m on a Podcast!

Yup, the site that I work on has finally started it’s own podcast and I’m the host! It’s about video games and we talk about Saints Row IV, Gamescom and more! Please check it out and leave comments and notes. I’ll also take questions and me and my cast will answer them on the podcast next time. We’re going to be recording every Tuesday night and they’ll go up on Thursdays at 12 pm Pacific time.

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Final Fantasy XIII Impressions 2

I didn’t really play much this past week as I had some family issues to deal with and that took up most of my time. Therefore, I’m not doing a Gaming Landscape this week. However, before the family stuff happened, I was playing more of Final Fantasy XIII and I’ve reached the 11th chapter. I was at the beginning of the seventh chapter in my last impressions so I’ve done four more.

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Colorwind Beats ► Deadpool (PC) | Episode 1 “Don’t Make Me Do This, Please!”

Part 1 of my playthrough of Deadpool for the PC. I loves me some Deadpool! In this video, we take a stroll around Mr. Wilson’s apartment. Continue reading “Colorwind Beats ► Deadpool (PC) | Episode 1 “Don’t Make Me Do This, Please!””

My Gaming Landscape [August 12, 2013]


I didn’t do a Gaming Landscape last week because I was playing the same stuff as the week before. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Red Dead Redemption. However, I did beat DKCR 3D, though not to 100%, and so I’m done with that game. I also put down Red Dead for the time being as I dived into Final Fantasy XIII and I wrote a blog about that. Honestly, this is going to be short as I’m going to write another thing on FFXIII as I’m now in the 11th chapter as oppose to talk about it here. I will say I’m enjoying it though not immensely.

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