My Gaming Landscape [July 22, 2013]

Not much to talk about this week so this is going to be quick. I played a little more of my nephew’s copy of Luigi’s Mansion. That game is pretty good. I’m not wild about it but I like it which is a drastic improvement over the original. I also kept playing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. That game gets really hard when you try to do the time trials. I’m going slow on that game though as I’ve only played through the first two worlds. I didn’t play Red Dead Redemption again until yesterday and I did a few more missions. Still enjoying that game, though the freshness of the game has worn off. Started playing Bayonetta too. I did the prologue and so far, I’m kind of meh on it. Seems a lot like style over substance to me.

I played Street Fighter IV on my 360, trying to unlock all the characters again since I lost my save file. That game is still fun and looks great after four years. I’ve also been trying to get all the achievements in the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. I wrote another blog about that game that you can check out here. Finally, I finished getting all the achievements for Sonic the Fighters, not that it’s hard to. That game is just weird and bad but bad in a funny way. It might be the worst Sonic game ever made but I can’t get mad at it because I can’t take it seriously. I didn’t really play that many games for long this week. What did you play?


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