My Gaming Landscape [June 24, 2013]

This past week has been mostly about my 3DS, specifically Mario Kart 7. I’ve been playing that like crazy. Sometimes for an hour and sometimes whenever I have a few minutes to kill. I kinda hate how much I’m enjoying it since I know it’s not really doing anything innovative. I’m working on the 150cc cup which is freaking hard in this game. It’s because of games like this that my desire for a Wii U is starting to steadily grow.


The other big game I’ve been playing is Infamous. I actually beat it and I don’t really like it. I can see why people do. It’s a big world to explore and your powers are pretty cool but climbing doesn’t always work the way it should and the side missions are pretty boring. Also, the story doesn’t make sense, especially the ending. I’m debating whether to write a review for it because I know my opinion isn’t a popular one. But screw it, right? RIGHT!?

After Infamous, I tried playing Little Big Planet but I can’t get into that game at all. I get what they were going for but I just bored playing it. The level design to me is just dull, dull, dull. So I went back to Sly 2, which I never finished. I’m on the sixth chapter now and that game is still great, though the camera is more of an issue than I remember it being. It’s not terrible but it is a problem.


Off and on, I’m playing Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, leveling up and trying to buy all the items for Kazuya. That game is fun and is my last favorite Tekken game. I have Tekken 6 but I’m not crazy about it, I haven’t played Tekken Tag 2 but I was never super into the first one, and the recently released Tekken Revolution, which I tried real quick,  is…meh.

I played a bit of The Cave and I still don’t really care for it but it was free through PS Plus and I think I can get all the trophies. I tried to play Mega Man 9 but holy mother of fuck is that game hard! I’ve never been good at the original Mega Man series though. My thing was always Mega Man X, which people say is harder for some reason. Anyways, I’m not playing that because I just can’t get any further than beating one Robot Master.

Okay, that’s all I’ve been playing this past week. I am going to start a long play of Batman Arkham Asylum, permitted my technical issues have been corrected. The first episode should go up tomorrow sometime in the afternoon so subscribe to my YouTube channel and look out for that. It’s one of my favorite games from this generation but I’ve only played it on a piece of shit computer that could barely run it so I’m excited to play it on something decent. This will probably run into me doing a long play of Batman Arkham City, which I haven’t played it.

With that all out of the way, what have you been playing this past week?


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