Journal: Surgery and Pizza

So yesterday my mother had her surgery and she came out of it really quick. She was in and out of the operating room in like 45 minutes. However, we waited for her to go into the operating room for like three and a half hours. However, she’s fine and she wasn’t even in any pain or drowsy despite being under anesthesia. Afterward, she told me to get out of the house so I wouldn’t worry about her so I went over my friend Rick’s place. I brought my PS3 and some games and we had a good time. We discussed making music again, watched A Haunted House, and ate pizza and wings. My buddy David was also there and both him and me were tortured by Rick and his girlfriend and baby momma Lindsay with random ass YouTube videos.

Today, I spent the day with my mother Cynthia and we went to Oggi’s and ate some pizza. Yeah, pizza again. I liked it, though I wasn’t crazy about it, but Cynthia didn’t care for her pizza. After that and a feeble attempt to buy a pantry for the kitchen at Target, we came home and Cynthia watched her Dodgers game while I checked my messages and such. Then we watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2013 Ceremony on HBO and that kicked ass. Specifically, Heart and Rush. I’m a big fan of Heart and I love them performing live. Rush on the other hand, I know little about. I know some of the big songs but I’ve never heard a Rush album. After seeing them tonight, I need to check them out. 2112 is the album I should check out I’ve heard so I may do that tonight as it’s on Spotify.

Alright, that’s all from me. If you would like to let me know how you’re day was, feel free to leave me a response in the comment section below. I hope you had an interesting and thought provoking day and I’ll keep in touch. Peace and love, my brothers and sisters! Colorwind out!


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