Colorwind Plays ► Bad Piggies (PC)

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Journal: So Many Games I’m Not Playing.

I was up again all night yesterday and will be today as well. However, yesterday, I wasn’t in any mood to do anything. I think I was still tired from the day before and I didn’t play any games, I didn’t write, I just watched YouTube videos and hopelessly tried to fix my Windows Media Player. It’s still messed up, FYI. I got it working again and I got rid of that weird program task but it still won’t stream media files to my Xbox 360 or anything else for that matter. Media Streaming just won’t turn on even when I tell it to.

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Journal: Sleep Already!

AOPLAfter writing yesterday’s Journal entry, I literally stayed up all night and didn’t fall asleep until noon today.

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Colorwind Plays ► Golden Axe (Genesis)

On this edition of Colorwind Plays, I desperately try to complete Golden Axe for the Sega Genesis via the Kega Fusion emulator. I’ve never completed this game. Do I complete it? Watch and find out! Continue reading “Colorwind Plays ► Golden Axe (Genesis)”

Journal: Nothing Worked Today

It’s been several days since my last journal entry so a bit of catch up is in order.

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Discussing: The Best Games of This Generation

When I think of the best games that came out this generation, that is to say between the end of 2005 to now, four titles immediately come to mind: Continue reading “Discussing: The Best Games of This Generation”

Journal: Food, Writing, and Devil May Cry!

Today was soooo busy, I can’t believe I got done what I got done.

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Colorwind Plays ► DmC: Devil May Cry – Vergil’s Downfall (PC)

Originally a Colorwind Plays episode. In this episode of Colorblind, we take a look at some DLC for DmC: Devil May Cry, Vergil’s Downfall on the PC. Is it any good? Watch the video and see for yourself!
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