Journal: New Windows!

So I’m going to try to write actual blog type entries instead of just stuff about gaming and occasionally music. It’s my blog so why not treat it like the public journal that it is! I’m sure these will go up sporadically at first but my goal is to do one each day eventually.

I got new windows in my place today. Thank God because the old ones could be pulled off real easy. Someone could’ve broken in simply if they wanted to. Also, moisture was  seeping through the cracks and warping the window sill. Mold city, I’m sure. But these are nice; they open from the right instead of the left, which is different from all the other windows, and lock and shut smoothly. I’m temped to open my bedroom window right now even though its 12:30 in the evening and 50 something degrees at night, which isn’t super cold at all but probably enough to have it be too cold. Ah screw it. *gets up and walks to window, opens it* It’s actually quite nice outside. Quiet too. Just the faint sound of a dog barking probably several blocks away. That’s the nice thing about living in the desert with an acre of land and no one really close to you: the silence. It’s so peaceful, like this.


I fell asleep at around two in the afternoon, soon after the windows were put in. That’s why I’m up now and will probably be up all night. My sleeping schedule is all messed up again. It never stays the way it should. I’d like it to be where I fall asleep around two at night and wake up around 10. Maybe late for some people but since I don’t have to go anywhere for work, I’d prefer that because I hate the early morning. Even if I’m not tired, I get all squint-y eyed because everything is just so damn bright. I guess I’m just a night person.


Speaking of work, I wrote a news story for Gaming Precision about the announcement of Battlefield 4 (or confirmation really since we all knew it was coming) as well as this week’s edition of Gaming on a Budget. It’s a little short as I only spotlighted deals on Steam and Xbox Live Marketplace but there’s some good deals there so check those out if you’d like.


Finally, I have this idea I guess you could call it. I’m reading The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring because I want to read more and I’ve never read anything from J.R.R. Tolkien. I’m at the part where Frodo and company are in the Lost Woods or whatever its called and they keep describing the woods as ‘queer’. Now I know what they mean. They’re saying that the woods are strange, as that is what the word ‘queer’ actually means. However, because that word has been misappropriated as an insult towards gay people, I still hear that connotation instead of its actual meaning. So I propose a change, not in the book as it’s not its fault being written before the 1950s I believe, but in general. ‘Queer’ should have its definition permanently changed to being an insult towards gay people. Why? Because we all recognize it as such already which means that its original definition no longer applies since its failed in its purpose of providing a general understanding of its meaning. Also, ‘queer’ has many synonyms such as odd, abnormal, strange, weird, bizarre, eccentric, the list goes on. We don’t really miss anything by losing one word that meant one thing when there’s a dozen others that mean the same thing, albeit with different levels of severity. So ‘queer’ now means an offensive slur towards homosexuals implying they are abnormal in their livelihood. Okay? Good. Change approved!

Well, that’s all for today. If you would like to let me know how you’re day was, let me know in the comment section below. I hope you had an interesting, thought provoking day and we’ll catch again soon. Peace and Love, brothers and sisters! Colorwind out!


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