The New Wild West

Victor Valley was a quiet town, where little happened and nothing could happen. The desert town was peaceful and the wind blew softly across the sand as the citizens went about their lives. However, times had changed and as the city moved towards a more industrial future, the horrors of the city came with it. In the distance, a faint yell could be heard coming from the McDonalds on Main Street. Suddenly, a giant explosion burst from the building and a cloud of smoke catapulted into the sky. Four men ran out of the fast food restaurant, laughing and carrying backpacks with dollar bills falling out of the partially zippered top. Three of the men scurried to pick up the rogue paper money while the fourth laughed as he held several paper take out bags in one hand and dragged a woman by the arms with the other. The woman pleaded to be set free but he paid her no attention.

“Hah! That was way too easy,” the fourth man scoffed. He threw the woman to the ground, reached into one of the take out bags and pulled out a Big Mac. “Please let me go! I won’t tell anyone about what you’ve done,” the woman pleaded. The fourth man took a bite out of the burger and kneeled down in front of the woman. “You got a name, sugar?” “Laura” she replied. “Laura Henry.” “Well, Laura Henry, you are a lucky lady. You have the chance to spend the night with the one and only Dominic Montana. What’s more, afterward you’ll be free to go.” He laughed, elongating the scar on his left cheek. “I’ll never sleep with you!” Laura screamed. Dominic smiled a creepy, lip pressed smile. “In that case, you’ll be coming with us until you change your mind. Or not. Either way, you’re going to have the time of your life.” He turned towards the other three men and called for them to throw Laura in their getaway truck. She screamed and struggled until one of the smacked her in the back of her head, knocking her out. They threw her into the flatbed of the truck and climbed into the front. Dominic laughed as he drove away and passed out Big Macs and Quarter Pounders to his cronies. Little did he know that he and his crew were being watched.

Dominic Montana and his henchmen had a hideout in the outskirts of town inside an old, abandoned army post. Before the growth of Victor Valley, it had been a hangout for adventurous teenagers and college students. Dominic remembers those times well, before his hometown decided to earn its spot on the map, before the death of his father robbed him of his goals and aspirations, before the war took his brother from him. Laura was being kept in the basement with one of the guards standing watch. The room was cold and dank with little sunlight peeking through the stairway where the guard was. Dominic and the rest of the crew were in the top level, counting the money they had made off with.

“A cool 450 bucks, boss,” Dominic’s henchmen Derrick exclaimed. “Excellent plan, Mr. Montana,” Dominic’s right hand man Edward said. “Thank you boys but I think we need to go for something bigger” said Dominic. “Each one of these heists only manage to give us just enough to get by.” Maybe we should hit a bank” Derrick said “Or an industrial building” said Edward. “Or maybe we should hold someone up for ransom” Dominic snickered. “You boys didn’t think I took that broad for no reason, do ya? That girl is the daughter of Julian Henry, the industrialist that is spearheading that new power plant being built on the far end of town. I’m pretty sure we can get a lot of money from him if he wants his little sugar plum back.” “That’s brilliant, boss!” both men exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Laura was waking up and was horrified to see where she was. She was also nervous at the way the guard was looking at her. “Good morning, little lady.” the guard said. She didn’t respond and looked away from him. “Are you comfortable? I could give you something if you’re not.” She tried not to look towards his way as she heard him walk up to her. “You know, you’re a cute little thing. Too cute to be in here.” She ignored him but then she saw something reflecting to the left of her. She turned her head to look but then the guard grabbed her by the mouth. “You know, someone with a pretty little mouth like yours could get out of here real easy if they were to put said pretty little mouth to work.” She struggled as he leaned in to kiss her when suddenly a blade appeared pressed against his throat.

The guard let Laura go and backed up slowly. A man with a handlebar mustache and dark eyes held a switchblade to the guard’s throat. He was wearing a dust colored bandana across his forehead, a black vest with no shirt, worn grey jeans and black construction boots. “You like little ladies?” the man said. He then threw the guard down on the ground and before he could pull his gun out of his pants, the man threw the switchblade into the side of his throat. The guard gasped for air as he bled onto the ground. The man then grabbed the handle and dragged it inside his neck, gutting his throat like a pig. Laura watched in horror but with relief as the man then removed the blade, cleaned it with the guard’s own shirt and put it back in his jeans pocket.

“Alright boys. I’ll be right back.” said Dominic. “I’m going to go have a look at our little jailbird.” He walked to the stairwell and noticed that the guard was not at the bottom of the steps. He walked down and saw the guard dead, laying in a pool of his own blood. “Boys! Get down here!” Derrick and Edward ran to Dominic and saw the guard. “Where’s the girl? Search the entire post!” The three men searched the entire basement and found nothing. Then they went back upstairs to find the backpacks of money gone and in its place a small piece of paper held down by a silver flask. Dominic fumed as he walked up to the flask and removed the paper from underneath it. His eyes fixated on the words as he read the message written.


I’m back.

So you’d better leave.


Dirk Montana


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