Journal: New Windows!

So I’m going to try to write actual blog type entries instead of just stuff about gaming and occasionally music. It’s my blog so why not treat it like the public journal that it is! I’m sure these will go up sporadically at first but my goal is to do one each day eventually.

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Game Pitch: Mega Man X: Resistance Assault

I had a dream. No, it wasn’t this inspirational vision of racial equality, it was just a video game idea that doesn’t exist yet. I’m a big Mega Man X fan but I haven’t played a new Mega Man X game since the disaster that was X7. However, even before that game, I knew the series had grow stale. Even now, I think a normal X9 title would not be the best way to go. Last night, I dreamt about a new game in the Mega Man X series with some new concepts and changes, a new game I’m calling Mega Man X: Resistance Assault

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Colorwind Plays ► Eternal Champions (Genesis)

On this episode of Colorwind Plays, I show off one of my favorite fighters on the Sega Genesis, Eternal Champions. Recorded via the Kega Fusion emulator. Continue reading “Colorwind Plays ► Eternal Champions (Genesis)”

My Gaming Landscape [March 6, 2013]

So many games. SO MANY GAMES! Man have I been playing a lot of video games. I haven’t even had the chance to write that L.A. Noire review I said I would. That’s coming soon so look out for that still. However, in the meantime, I’ve been playing a multitude of games, both for fun and for review for the site I write for, Gaming Precision. I did try out Aliens: Colonial Marines for all of 10 minutes but not enough to say anything about it other than Aliens is a horror franchise and I don’t play horror games so I skipped it. So lets get to it.

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Colorwind Beats ► Haunting Starring Polterguy (Genesis) | Episode 3 “The End?”

Part 3 of my playthrough of Haunting Starring Polterguy for the Sega Genesis via the Kega Fusion emulator. My first Haunting playthrough comes to a humiliating end. Will I try again? Continue reading “Colorwind Beats ► Haunting Starring Polterguy (Genesis) | Episode 3 “The End?””