My Holiday Gaming Purchases of 2012 Part Deux

I got a bunch of money for Christmas because no one knows what to get me because I’m a difficult person to get gifts for because my family and friends don’t actually know me that well because I’m a shut in. BUT WHO CARES! I was able to get me a LOT of games thanks to my getting about $160. I got a years worth of Xbox Live so I don’t have to worry about it and also treated my mom to Christmas breakfast. Then I went on Steam and went APE SHIT!

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Colorwind Plays ► Mortal Kombat (Genesis)

I play the original Mortal Kombat for the Sega Genesis via the Kega Fusion emulator. I talk about my favorite and best characters in the game, complain about my screwed up controls, talk about games my cousins had, SNES vs. Genesis, how the characters move in the game, and some random Mortal Kombat talk in the first official episode of Colorwind Plays!
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My Holiday Gaming Purchases for 2012

This past Wednesday was essentially payday for me and so I did some holiday shopping. After I got presents for whomever I was going to give presents to, it was my turn. First I got a new pair of earbuds for my iPod as well as a 8 GB SD card so I can have more space on my Wii for…stuff. However, I then went to GameStop and bought six games for my Xbox 360.

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My Gaming Landscape [December 10, 2012]

This gaming landscape is going to be a bit all over the place because I was sick for about three weeks and I didn’t play too many games and instead just watched TV. Also, I’ve recently been listening to a lot of music because I like to hear new music, both mainstream and indie, and as the year winds down, I want to hear everything the year had to offer. But enough of that! We’re here to talk games! Continue reading “My Gaming Landscape [December 10, 2012]”

Prototype 1 and 2 Impressions

So I played Prototype 1 and 2 and I will say that I have an abusive relationship with this series. I like and hate this series at the same time. It’s frustrating, especially when you play them back to back, like I did, or compare the two, like I’m about to do.I got both games recently through a deal on Amazon that gave you both games plus DLC for the second game for Steam for only 10 bucks. On one end I would’ve like to see where this series would’ve gone if developer Radical Entertainment hadn’t gone out of business. On the other end, it was inevitable that they would go under because you can’t make a triple A title like the Prototype series at the quality it was. It is.

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