Discussing: Being an Eco-Friendly Gamer

I’m a completionist. In everything I do really. If I try to fix anything, I won’t stop when it’s at least functional. I keep going until its working as its supposed to. In video games, I strive to get every collectable item, finish all the side quests, and do so before finishing the game proper so I don’t have to go through the game again. Also, when I get games used (which is always) I try to get the case and manual to the point where I’ll not buy it if both are not available. With this in mind, you should also know that I’m a big advocate of moving video games to an all digital format. It would mean cheaper prices for consumers and more convenience and support for titles. Steam is a great example of what this digital exclusive version of the video game industry could be like.

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Colorwind Reviews Tekken 2

tekken-2-11The Tekken series has been a roller coaster of quality. From the heralded heights of its PlayStation era to the lukewarm waters of its more recent releases, Tekken has always managed to be good if not great and it started with the second entry in the series. The first game was a solid title in the series and there are many, myself included, who still enjoy it. However, it felt like a first attempt and the game lacked polish in various aspects. The second game was an improvement in every way and when asked which is the best in the series, this game along with the third game are usually your answer. I recently bought it again so I could play it on my PS2 and coming back to it after all these years, the game is still as incredibly deep and fun as I remember.

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Game Pitch: The Brothers in Arms HD Collection

I’ve been in a shooter vibe recently. I’ve also been in a PlayStation 1 vibe but that’s another blog. I’m not a big fan of shooters. I’m not very good at them and many shooters tend to focus on reflexes rather than strategy. Not that having a quick reaction timing isn’t a skill but there isn’t many instances in shooters where you outsmart your opponent like in a strategy game or counter your enemy like in a fighting game. Of course, there are exceptions and the Brothers in Arms series is one of them.

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Call of Duty Black Ops II Has Arrived and For Once, I Care.

So Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has been released to store shelves and this is the most excited I’ve been for a Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 2. I don’t typically like the Call of Duty series or FPS games for that matter but the reviews have been positive and, in one of the many reasons to actually read reviews rather than just look at the score, I’m impressed with what I’m hearing is in the game. An engaging story with choices to make and a less linear path, multiplayer with new weapons and bots to play against to train, and the Zombies portion of the game expanded into three different modes including a story mode of sorts.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is Fun!

So I started playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this weekend after realizing that I hadn’t played a Call of Duty game since the first Modern Warfare game. I am so surprised by how fun this game is. I’ve been focusing on the single player campaign, as I’m not a fan of online play especially for FPS games, and I am surprised as to how enthralled I am in the story of this game. I barely knew what was happening in Modern Warfare 1 but I am digging this game. The invasion of America, the rescue of Captain Price, it’s all wonderful. The one issue I have is the infamous No Russian mission, which is optional since it’s so controversial.

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Discussing: Wii U Launch Titles

So the Wii U is coming out next week and I’m wondering what will be available at launch that will be worthwhile for the system. That is to say what are the good games gamers can buy for the Wii U. I checked out the list and realized that there’s really two ways to look at this. Those who solely get Nintendo consoles have a lot to look forward to. However those who already own a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 have almost no real reason to get a Wii U. Let me elaborate.

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Colorwind Plays ► Need for Speed Most Wanted – A Criterion Game (PC)

Some video footage and an overview of the new NFS Most Wanted game for the PC from Criterion Games with some narration from me, explaining how the game works and plays. Continue reading “Colorwind Plays ► Need for Speed Most Wanted – A Criterion Game (PC)”

Discussing: 6th Generation Consoles–The Revenge

The sixth generation consoles are the Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube. No mention of handhelds during this time such as the Game Boy Advance or N-Gage or PC gaming will be mentioned here. I have a complicated view of the sixth generation consoles. While I admit it was an important one and this generation was largely influenced by it, it’s easily my least favorite generation of consoles. Here’s eight reasons in no particular order why I dislike it so much.

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