Colorwind Reacts: BioShock Infinite – Beast of America Trailer

Right off the bat, the music sets the tone of the trailer. We’re not getting a cerebral video that shows off the artistic design of the game or the story. This is a video that showcases the action in the game and although the song is good, it seems typical of what we hear from trailers. The narration of the main character also cements this tone. The crass and scruffy delivery of the voice actor actually is a bit surprising as the game has been billed as being along the lines of the first BioShock which was more thought provoking and the narration seems a bit out of place.

The narration talks about the main character Booker DeWitt’s goal to find “her” which is most likely referring to Elizabeth, the female character that’s been featured prominently as a major character to the story. The trailer then shows shots of various places on the air-city of Columbia, the world in which this game takes place in. The worlds look lively and inline with its 1920s timeline.

The action then kicks in and we see Elizabeth falling from the sky, you catching her and latching onto a rail with an arm attached mechanism. We see various scenes showing a burning city, a sentient orb shamed robot busting through a door (and highly reminiscent of GLaDoS), and various fights showing off some of your plasmid powers and Elizabeth at one point assisting you by throwing you a gun. One thing to notice is how action oriented this looks. Set pieces are all over the place and the locales and enemies are varied making for aesthetically different battles, with the last look of the trailer showing off something that resembles an uber powerful little sister like figure in the shadows.

The trailer ends with giving the release date of February 26, 2013, proclaiming the trailer is all from in game footage, quickly showing a pre-order exclusive micro game, and showing off the Ultimate Songbird Edition of the game. Considering the lack of press the game has received in the past year due to nothing being provided from developer Irrational Games, I have to cast doubt on that release date. The proclamation of the footage being all in game is strange since nothing from the trailer is technically impressive. The art direction is but I have no trouble believing this is being run on a Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC.

Overall, this was a somewhat predictable but good trailer. BioShock Infinite needs to come out soon as excitement is starting to wane for it but regardless of recent personnel changes, the game continues to look good and impress. There really isn’t another game other there trying to do what it’s doing. Check the trailer out for yourself below.


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