Game Pitch: Xbox Champions (Part 2)

Here’s part two of my pitch for a Microsoft centric Super Smash Bros title. I’ll be discussing the character line up in this post. Well, I came up with over 20 characters to fill the line up and I actually left a few out so some could be used for DLC. However, these are the characters that would ship on disc with the game.

post-1756-0-80268600-1342296077First is the obvious, Master Chief from Halo. He would be a ranged character primarily with some close ranged melee attacks. He’ll utilize the Assault Rife, Magnum Pistol, Shotgun and Frag Grenades in his attacks. Throws will resemble the assassination attacks from Halo Reach. Chief’s level 1 cross move will be access to a rocket launcher which will cause up to 40% damage in one hit. Level 2 will activate Chief’s armor lock giving him temporary invulnerability. Level 3 will summon a Warthog that will drive straight through the level running over and killing any opponents on the ground.

600full-blinx--the-time-sweeper-artworkBlinx from Blinx the Time Sweeper, Microsoft’s failed attempt at a cartoon mascot, is next. Blinx will be a fast character with special attacks utilizing Blinx’s Time Sweeper, a vacuum like device. Blinx’s level 1 cross move speeds up time for Blinx, vastly increasing his attack speed. Level 2 pauses time allowing Blinx to get free hits on all opponents for a temporary amount of time. Level 3 summons the Tom Tom bandits who launch an assault on the entire battlefield.

shu_blue_dragonNext on the line up is Shu from Blue Dragon. Microsoft’s ploy to attract Japanese gamers will be an all around character who fights with his dragon shadow just like from the game. Shu will fight as if utilizing the Swordmaster skill from the game. Level 1 will be the Flare Sword attack and will do up to 40% damage to an enemy. Level 2 will be the Winda Sword attack and has the ability to push enemies off the level or into other objects. Level 3 will be the Shadowus Sword attack and will kill any opponent it comes in contact with.

275px-ConkerLaRRare is a popular choice for Microsoft to use and it should come to no surprise that Conker the Squirrel will be on the cast. Conker will be a small character, making him harder to hit and although he’ll move somewhat quickly, his attacks will be executed somewhat slowly but powerfully. Baseball bats and frying pans will be utilized as well as slingshots, throwing knives and an attack where he’ll turn into an anvil from above. Level 1 will give Conker some balls made of poo that can cause a lot of damage when thrown as well as make enemies trip if they run across the splatter on the floor. Level 2 gives Conker some beer, getting him drunk and invulnerable for a small period of time until he takes some Alka-Seltzer. Level 3 gives Conker dual sub-machine guns that the player can freely run around shooting at everyone.

banjo-kazooie-nuts-and-bolts-screens-and-art-20080508022742485Continuing the Rare theme is Banjo and Kazooie. Both characters will be together and attacks will utilize their abilities from the first two games such as spitting eggs. Level 1 summons a bunch of Jingos that fly around and attack the other characters. Level 2 will activate Banjo’s invulnerability via gold feathers for a few moments and will cause about 25% damage to those who run into him. Level 3 summons Mumbo Jumbo and turns all the characters in the game into a termite, pumpkin and washing machine and will be unable to attack for a few seconds. Furthermore, one hit will kill enemies.

JoannaDarkJoanna Dark obviously needs to be included on the cast if Rare is going to be a major player on the list. She’ll be a ranged character like Master Chief but will utilizing gadgets as well as guns in her arsenal. She’ll also utilize close combat attacks with the quick attack button. Level 1 upgrades her handgun to a rifle which she can then utilize until the end of the match. Level 2 activates Cloak mode and Joanna will be invincible for a small period of time. Level 3 sends out a remote explosive camspy device that will float back and forth until the player detonates it killing anyone who gets caught in the blast.

Kameo_042904_01_1083304954_640wNext is Kameo from Kameo: Elements of Power. The special attack button will be used solely to switch between Kameo and four other creatures as in her game, similar to the Pokémon Trainer in Smash Bros. As herself, she’ll be a quick but weak close combat character. As Pummel Weed, you’ll be a well rounded close combat character. As Ash, she’ll be a strong but slow close combat character. As Rubble, you’ll be a slow but ranged character with little recoil to attacks. Finally, as Aqua Blue, you’ll have a fast but weak ranged attacks. Level 1 is Kameo turning into Major Ruin and rolling back and forth hitting and juggling characters for more damage. Level 2 is Kameo turning into Chilla and raining down ice stalagmites causing major damage. Level 3 is Kameo turning into Thermite and firing three lava bombs that upon exploding one by one will instantly kill whoever is close to them.

vp-hudson-horstachio3Finishing the Rare theme is Hudson the Horstachio from Viva Pinata. His attack will be a series of bite and kick attacks and will be somewhat disjointed, similar oddly enough to how KumaChan is in Fighting Megamix. Level 1 will summon a stampede of other Pinatas including Franklin the Fizzlybear, Paulie Pretztail and Fergy Fudgehog that will hurt and juggle the other characters. Level 2 will simply grow Hudson to giant size and will hurt those who come in contact with him. Level 3 will summon a giant shovel that will randomly smack down onto the battlefield, killing anyone it hits.

Those are the first eight players of the roster and I’ll reveal more in the next installment.


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