Discussing: 6th Generation Consoles

For those who don’t know, the sixth generation of consoles consists of the Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox, and Sega Dreamcast. Also, to be clear, I’ll be talking about the home consoles only so handheld devices like the Game Boy Advance and N-Gage won’t be mentioned and neither will PC gaming. The sixth generation of consoles has always been a bit of a love/hate situation with me. Nonetheless there are great things about these consoles that we still are appreciating today. So lets take a look at eight of the greatest concepts the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and Dreamcast gave us. These are in no particular order, FYI.

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My Gaming Landscape [October 30, 2012]


Last time I did a Gaming Landscape I was struggling to focus on one game to play after accumulating a bundle of games. I ended up focusing on Fable II and I completed it and wrote a review for it here. Although I wasn’t blown away by it, it now has the distinction of being the game I’ve played the longest at one time. One of my sessions lasted nine hours. I’ve never played a game for that long at one time. The previous game holder was Final Fantasy VII when I played for five hours one night, with Darksiders II being a close second at four and a half hours one night. Here’s the interesting thing: I didn’t really enjoy my time playing Fable II for nine hours. A majority of that time was me playing mini-games with the sound muted and me listening to music or podcasts. I was mostly making money to buy some weapon or property or something and this manage to distract me for a big chunk of nine hours. I decided to just focus on the story in later sessions but I guess the game isn’t that bad for me to sink nine hours into it at once.

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Colorwind Reacts: BioShock Infinite – Beast of America Trailer

Right off the bat, the music sets the tone of the trailer. We’re not getting a cerebral video that shows off the artistic design of the game or the story. This is a video that showcases the action in the game and although the song is good, it seems typical of what we hear from trailers. The narration of the main character also cements this tone. The crass and scruffy delivery of the voice actor actually is a bit surprising as the game has been billed as being along the lines of the first BioShock which was more thought provoking and the narration seems a bit out of place.

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Xbox 360 Fall 2012 Update Impressions

After a week of waiting, I got this year’s dashboard update for the Xbox 360. I’m one of the apparently few people who actually looks forward to the dashboard updates. See, my Xbox 360 is my main source of entertainment as well and I rely on the 360’s ability to stream content from my computer as well as its apps to watch shows and movies. I don’t even watch normal TV anymore and most of my time is spent on Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. Since the introduction of apps last year, I’ve been wishing and hoping for Blip.TV, College Humor, and Dorkly apps. So when the new dashboard was outlined, I was excited when Internet Explorer was announced. It may not be apps but I could at least watch videos on those sites through the web browser. I’m also a bit OCD so a more organized interface and marketplace is also appealing to me.

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Colorwind Reviews Fable II

Oh Peter Molyneux. You always dream better than you can create. You and your previous team at Lionhead Studios are ambitious, I’ll give you that. However, after playing Fable II, I’m convinced that the developer doesn’t actually know how to properly make a game. Most of the game is mechanically and technically either unpolished, underdeveloped, or unintuitive. However, conceptually and practice, the game manages to be enjoyable despite its best efforts not to be. The developer’s intentions can be seen in the game and that coupled with some major aspects that do genuinely work guarantee that you will have moments of satisfaction. This results in a title juxtaposed between revelry and stymie.

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The End of G4

3060000000057955I used to be a big fan of G4. I remember back in 2004 channel surfing and stumbling upon a show talking about Half-Life 2. I stopped and watched it and after it was over, a show called X-Play came on. The set had a bar and furniture that reminded me of building blocks. Still, I was sold and I started watching what I eventually found out was a channel known as G4TechTV.

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Singles Showdown 1–2012 Pop

Welcome to Singles Showdown, a new reoccurring blog where I review five songs in one post. At the end, the five songs will be ranked and scored. Each Singles Showdown will have a theme such as Summer Songs, 1960s Psychedelia, or Breakup Songs. Today’s theme is Pop songs released in 2012. So lets waste no more time, pop in our ear buds and check out some songs in the most commercially successful genre today.

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Game Pitch: Xbox Champions (Part 4)

Let’s wrap up this pitch with the last batch of characters, plus some DLC character ideas and a quick description of items in the game.

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Game Pitch: Xbox Champions (Part 3)

This is part three of my pitch for a Smash Bros style game with Microsoft characters. Continuing the list of of characters, lets look at some more characters from Microsoft as well as some third party characters that both are associated with the Xbox or are just cool to have.

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Game Pitch: Xbox Champions (Part 2)

Here’s part two of my pitch for a Microsoft centric Super Smash Bros title. I’ll be discussing the character line up in this post. Well, I came up with over 20 characters to fill the line up and I actually left a few out so some could be used for DLC. However, these are the characters that would ship on disc with the game.

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