My Gaming Landscape [September 27, 2012]

I’ve been washed in games recently. I’ve gotten my hands on so many games recently, it’s ridiculous. They’ve been either for the PC or the Xbox 360 so I’m just going to list them and then say which I’ve been actually playing since there’s no way I could be playing these all. First, the PC. I bought the Humble Indie Bundle 6 and received a total of 10 games out of it, including Bit Trip Runner, Jamestown, Rochard, Torchlight, Dustforce, Shatter, Gratuitous Space Battles, Space Pirates and Zombies, Vessel and Wizorb. I also got Borderlands 2, DiRT 2, DiRT 3, DiRT Showdown, Far Cry 2, Jet Set Radio and Torchlight II.

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Remember Me Impressions

Capcom unveiled at Gamescom this year, of all places, a new game entitled Remember Me. It follows this woman named Nilin and takes place in a futuristic Neo-Paris. The game’s big hook is the ability to erase and more impressively, rewrite people’s memories. When I first saw this game, I thought it had a decent look to it. It has a stylistic graphical aesthetic to it and I was reminded of another Capcom game for the Gamecube called P.N.03, one of the infamous Capcom Five games. While it has a bustling metropolis exterior reminiscent of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, there’s something very clean and smooth about everything, especially when you get into interior locations. Very clinical sort of speak, something P.N.03 was as well. That was really shown off when more gameplay was shown after Gamescom and depicted Nilin running from a helicopter.

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SoulCalibur V Impressions

After hotly anticipating the fifth game in the series and not getting nor playing it when it was released earlier this year, I finally got my hands on SoulCalibur V for the Xbox 360. I rented it from my newly restarted Gamefly account. I’m a big fan of the series and I love following the story and lore as well as the fun and accessible gameplay. True, I have problems with the second and third iterations, namely the second game was a stripped down version of the first and I couldn’t play the third game because of the game erasing bug which wiped my progress FIVE TIMES, but I played Soul Blade for a crazy amount of hours and often praise the original SoulCalibur as the best fighting game of the series and one of the best games of the whole decade. I also really like SoulCalibur IV, mainly for its leveling, various weapons, and customization. I went into playing this game with a cautious mind set. Although I originally thought this could be a great game, the reviews I read about the game made me aware that I would not be getting a game on par with the first SoulCalibur. Still I was optimistic. I mean, I have not played a game in the series I didn’t like. To be fair, I haven’t played the Wii game but Blade, I, II, III, and IV, love ‘em.

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Colorwind Reacts: The Super Slim PlayStation 3 Is For Me!

Last week we were introduced to a new model of the PlayStation 3, the CECH-4000. Commonly referred to as the Super Slim model, the new design will have a top loading disc tray that slides to left rather than pop up, will be 25% lighter and smaller than the previous PS3 slim model and will come in 250GB and 500GB hard drive versions. The 250GB version will retail for $269 and comes with the Game of the Year edition of Uncharted 3, as well as $30 worth of content for Dust 514, an upcoming Free to Play FPS title. The 500GB version will retail for $299 and will include Assassin’s Creed III. I wasn’t expecting a new model to be announced but it does make sense. Sony waited three years after the console’s original launch to release the PS3 Slim and it’s been three years since then. I’m hoping to pick up the 500GB version this Christmas (after not getting a PS3 last Christmas in lieu of a Xbox 360) and I actually am really impressed with this new model.

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A New BlazBlue Appears

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for awhile. Earlier this year, I played a BlazBlue title for the first time for review for the previous site I wrote for, PixlBit. I played Continuum Shift Extend and I was blown away. I had to return the game but I picked up the first iteration in the series, Calamity Trigger, and have loved it. The BlazBlue series is essentially the only fighting game series I look forward to and will support fanatically with no real reason. Continuum Shift II on the 3DS? I’m gonna get it. I don’t care if it’s just the same game on the consoles. Continuum Shift Extend on the Vita? I’ll try to get it as well AND the console version!

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Discussing: The Death of (EA’s) Single Player

Last week, a statement from Electronic Arts executive Frank Gibeau for the Cloud Gaming Conference cause controversy as it was revealed that the publisher was actively only releasing titles with some kind of multiplayer component. Furthermore, Gibeau conveyed this news with pride, commending EA for making this the strategy going forward. This means that games with only single player modes like the original Dead Space or Dragon Age: Origins would not have been released today.

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Colorwind Reviews Darksiders II

468px-Darksiders-2-walkthroughDarksiders II takes place during the same time period as the previous game, making it a midquel rather than a proper sequel. However, the gameplay mechanics reflect the lessons learned from the previous game, making this one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences this year. It may take inspiration from and sometimes flat out rip off titles like Legend of Zelda, God of War, and Prince of Persia, but it manages to mold these elements into a distinctive style all its own. Darksiders II does what every sequel should do: be a vast improvement over its predecessor in nearly every respect.

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Colorwind Reviews The King of Dragons–Dwagons Beware!

Side scrolling action titles were all the rage in the early 90s and Capcom had a hand in that genre with their Final Fight series. However, another title Capcom developed in this genre was The King of Dragons. This early Hack and Slash title was originally released into arcades in 1991 and a SNES port came three years later in 1994. Although time has certainly not been kind to the admittedly repetitive gameplay and limited game mechanics, a fun and enjoyable experience is at its core and is an interesting piece of history usually lost to the ages.

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My Gaming Landscape [September 5, 2012]

Darksiders-IISo I have been in a gaming induced coma for the past two weeks or so. I have been enthralled by Darksiders II, playing it four, five hours at a time. I have a review coming soon so be sure to check out that. It will possible be completed by the end of the week but don’t hold me to that. I am NOT going to rush through this review. I will say that this is an amazing game with some issues that hold it back from greatness. I finished the game this weekend and since then, I’ve been unsure what to play next.

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