Colorwind Reacts: The NeoGeo X and My Unnecessary Pining For It

I like to consider myself someone who is rational in their video game purchases. I tend to read reviews, download demos and trials, and / or rent games before I put down the $50-60 dollars. Similarly, I have a policy about new consoles where I wait at least a year after its initial launch date and must be interested in at least 10 exclusively released titles. I tend to be smart with my money since I don’t have much of it to spend on games or anything else for that matter. However, having said that, I really, REALLY want a NeoGeo X, a recently announced retro handheld that plays old NeoGeo titles.

xconsoleprod2-600x600Now lets be honest. Why would anyone want this? It’s an old system that’s just been made portable. You can play these games on your computer, console or handheld with just a little ingenuity and an emulator. Furthermore, they probably have more features such as save states, graphic smoothing, and cheats. And you would be right. I am fully aware of that. But it just looks so cool and it plays games that I love and have a lot of nostalgia for. I love the style and tone of SNK NeoGeo games and something tailor made to give me that experience in my pocket is just right for me!

It comes with 20 games right out of the box but the really cool thing about it is it has a SD card slot. You can use that to load up more games onto the device and in that way it’s like an emulator. Which I can already get. Honestly, I don’t know why I want this thing so much. This completely goes against my normally logical mind set. I don’t want a Wii U when it comes out because I know it’ll only have like three games I might like. I’m undecided on a PS3 this holiday season because I already have a 360 and I also want a 3DS. However, the NeoGeo X? I’m totally sold!

xgoldprod-700x373There’s the handheld that’s $130 but there’s also the Gold pack that’s $200 and comes with a console that can plug into your TV, as well as an arcade style controller. Both the system and the controller are modeled after the SNK NeoGeo AES console. I guess this is just a guilty pleasure for me. Oh well. Anyone else planning on picking up the NeoGeo X? Comment below and let me know!

Peace and Love,



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