Game Pitch: Super Mario Adventure

MarioSMBWWith New Super Mario Bros 2 bringing the originality of the Mario series into question, I started thinking about what could be done in the next iteration in the Mario series. So I came up with a concept and I am now sharing it with you.

The next Mario game should drop the “New” label and should be called something else. It doesn’t need to be some superfluous buzz word. It should be something simple, similar to titles in the past such as Super Mario World or Super Mario Land. I say Super Mario Adventure should suffice (no relation to the Nintendo Power comic series, although that would be a nice call back).

The story consists of Bowser and his son attempting to take over various lands and kingdoms in the Mario universe, not just the Mushroom Kingdom. There would be eight main worlds and would follow the map layout of Super Mario World, allowing for diverse world layouts and hidden levels. Each world would be based on a kingdom or place featured in other Mario games. World 1 would be the Mushroom Kingdom but other worlds could be Princess Daisy’s Sarasaland, Yoshi’s Island, Subcon from Super Mario Bros 2, Isle Delfino, Diamond City from the WarioWare games, the various galaxies from Super Mario Galaxy, and DK Island from the Donkey Kong Country series. Secret worlds could include the return of Star World, and Vibe Island from Super Princess Peach. Each world will have a variety of levels and won’t be themed like in SMB3 and will be more diverse, again, like Super Mario World.

PeachNSMBWWhich brings me to the characters. I think multiple playable characters would be a fun way to diversify gameplay. I’ve come up with 10 playable characters, with 8 being available at the start of the game. They are: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Rosalina, and Toad. Yoshi would be available after completing the game and Donkey Kong would be unlocked after completing the DK Island world. Also, when you play as DK, all the coins in the game change into bananas.

Each character can have their own different traits. For example, only Mario can triple jump, only Mario and Yoshi can butt stomp and Luigi has that kicking jump from SMB2 that gives him a weightless feel. Yoshi will still have his flutter kick but that’s different. Peach could float for a short period of time, Daisy can glide down after a jump, and Rosalina can levitate. All the girls will have the spin jump that Mario had in Super Mario World in lieu of the ground pound. Wario will have his shoulder ram attack from the Wario Land games and Waluigi will jump almost as if he leaped off a spring (due to his gangly legs). Donkey Kong will have his roll attack from DKC as well as his ground pound and Toad…can run fast.

RosalinaThe game will have a variety of power ups including the Mushroom, Fire Flower, the newly renamed Ice Tulip, Tanooki Suit, Blue Koopa Shell, and Super Star. The Metal Cap will make a return and will allow the player to run through blocks, destroying them instantly. The Mini and Mega Mushrooms will also return, as will the Propeller Mushroom. A new power up entitled the Kamek Cap will allow players to wield Kamek’s wand and wear Kamek’s robes. Another new power up would be a pair of sneakers entitled the Jet Shoes. If the player can run across a flat plain and fill up the P meter, the player will run faster and be temporarily invisible. All of the playable characters in the game will be able to use all of the power ups.

Bosses will consist of Bowser, Bowser Jr. and the other seven Koopa siblings. Other favorites such as Kamek, King K Rool, and Birdo will also appear, as well as more obscure bosses from the past such as King Wart, Tatanga, Petey Piranna, and King Boo. Each world will have two bosses, while the secret worlds won’t have any.

I probably should’ve mentioned this before but this will be a 2D Mario game. Well, there’s my pitch. What do you think? Is this an awesome idea that Nintendo should pay me for or is it too fan fic like? Comment below and let me know!


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