Colorwind Reacts: PlayStation Collections

Yesterday, Sony announced that on August 28, along with the previously announced Ratchet & Clank Collection, two more compilations would be released as well and future compilations would be marketed under the label PlayStation Collection. The Infamous Collection and The God of War Saga will be released and will contain all of the games in their respective franchises up till now. Infamous will have the first and second games, as well as the Festival of Blood downloadable title and some extra content. God of War will have the first, second and third games, Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta and extra content. A voucher for a month of PlayStation Plus will also be included. The PSP and PS2 games will be the HD remakes from the previous collections. Both collection will retail for $39.99.


Now that all the info’s out of the way, I have to say that I like the idea of these collections. What we have is basically a greatest hits of sorts, similar to that of music artists. It’s convinient to be able to have all of a series with just one purchase. Want a collection of hits from the Rolling Stones? Pick up Fourty Licks. Looking for all of the Godfather movies? Buy the Godfather Collection. Want to know Kratos’ entire adventure? Get the God of War Saga. You could argue that Sony should just ship out more copies of the games already out there and lower the price but be aware that option is still available. Sure you are mostly paying for convienience but I’m alright with that. Furthermore, Sony is including some additional content as extra incentive.


I am very much for this compiling of games but I would like to propose another idea. There’s these collections of the hottest songs right now called the Now That’s What I Call Music series. Each collection has some of the biggest songs of the past four to five months from most of the major record labels. I would like to see something like that for video games. The major publishers, like EA, Activision, Sony, and Ubisoft, can release a greatest hits collection of the previous year. For example, this November EA could release “The 2011 Collection” and it would have three of their best selling games from the previous year all for $60. The collection would probably include games like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, and Dead Space 2. If Sony did something like this, their 2011 collection would include LittleBigPlanet 2, Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Point is these games will receive a boost in sales all over again and it doesn’t have to be just hit titles. We could also have “critically acclaimed” titles as well or collection of titles from more than just one publisher (although that would be more difficult to achieve).


I currently don’t own a PlayStation 3 but I want one and when I do get one, these collections are looking awfully appealing. One purchase and I could be set for a while. Hopefully this is a trend that the rest of the industry will follow. I mean, the industry followed Sony when they started doing HD remakes, why not this? Look at it this way. This is the console equivalent to all those crazy Steam deals PC owners revel in.


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