The Flog

This one’s for Julian.

Geek and Sundry is a new channel on YouTube created by Felicia Day, someone you should know about even if you don’t want to. As well as showing episodes and behind the scenes extras of her show The Guild, new original shows are also being released on a daily basis. Chief among these is The Flog, which is basically a highly produced vlog for Felicia herself. There are three segments to the show. In the first, she talks about five things she likes that she found online, such as flash games, podcasts, and quirky sites, like one that lets you buy toilet paper with your twitter feed printed on the sheets. I dig this part because it informs me of new stuff to check out. My bookmarks are filling up quickly. The next segment shows her doing something she’s always wanted to try to do such as driving a bulldozer or playing classic games she missed out on as a kid or crocheting. She rarely can keep a straight face and she usually doesn’t do that good of a job in whatever it is she’s trying to do but its entertaining and besides, how many people can say they made a ice swan sculpture with a FUCKING CHAINSAW!? Finally, she ends the show by answering a question from a fan by typing her response on a “hipster” typewriter. Answers are honest and usually quirky. I guess she just can’t help herself. This show is 70% quirk. New episodes are released every Monday and I recommend you check it out. It’s informative, entertaining and a more casual look at an internet personality. Here’s some episodes I personally like.


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