Discussing: Disavowed 360 Games

So I’m playing some Project Gotham Racing 3 yesterday and I select the option to see what DLC is available and it returns me nothing. The leaderboards seem to still be up but no DLC. I know this game has DLC because I already have the Cadillac pack. I exit out of the game and check the game’s listing in the My Games section. Nothing. I look for it in the Marketplace. Nothing. For almost all intents and purposes, this game never existed according to Microsoft. Why are some games completely abandoned by the Xbox Live service?

clip_image001I understand that it costs money to keep servers up and running but they couldn’t at least have a listing of the game up? They still have the leaderboards up. Furthermore, what about DLC? No one will be able to access that content in the future. At least release a patch before they take down the listing that allows people to add that extra content via USB from another source. Let the gamers find the DLC online, download it, and add it that way. Sure, it’ll be free but you’re clearly not making money from it anymore.

It’s an annoying thing we’ll have to deal with going into the digital age but as long as people are able to archive this stuff after the service in question is discontinued (and trust me, hackers will do this), this won’t be a problem. I’m sure this’ll happen and you’ll find web sites offering all of the downloadable offerings like gamer pics, themes and of course DLC in the future but until then, this is rather annoying. What do you think? Should Microsoft continue to support all the releases on the 360? Should we not expect then to be able to? Do any PS3 owners have this problem? Should I be playing something other than PGR3? The comment section below is where you need to be!


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