Nostalgia Chick

Channel Awesome is home to many video reviewers but the most prolific is the Nostalgia Critic. His reviews of popular movies and television shows are usually the biggest draw on the site and many know of his rivalry with the Angry Video Game Nerd. However, his “female counterpart” is the Nostalgia Chick. While she covers the same type of material the Nostalgia Critic does, the Chick approaches her reviews differently. The Nostalgia Chick aka Lindsay Ellis approaches the material from a more analytic approach and will usually review the subject as a whole rather than as the movie or TV episode goes on like the Nostalgia Critic does. What you get is a more thorough analysis of the movie or show, which is not to say that she isn’t funny. You still see her get attacked by uncooked sausage links, tie up fellow Channel Awesome reviewer Todd in the Shadows, create a Hercules drinking game, admit her crush on Nightcrawler thanks to a truth serum, and sing with the Nostalgia Critic. Originally, she was meant to merely review girly stuff the Nostalgia Critic didn’t know about but she soon “went rogue” and started reviewing whatever the hell she wanted. Here’s a few videos I think represent what she does. If you like them, check her stuff out further. She releases new videos roughly every week or so on


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