Discussing: Troubles with Movies

I’ve noticed a problem I have with watching movies. I have a hard time sitting through one. I do like movies, but I have a hard time mustering up the mindset to sit through two hours of cinema. At first, I thought that it was because of the running time. Maybe I can’t stay involved for that long. Maybe that’s why I prefer television shows and their 22 minute run time. This also works for internet shows, which I enjoy a lot as well. However, I really enjoy most of the movies I do watch, even the bad ones.

I noticed that I’ll examine and catch on to various details that I notice about how the film is created. Some are character frames like the outdated seductress Nicole Kidman is in Batman Forever, others are character specific dialog like such “gems” like “Lesbi-gay” from the opening scenes of Jennifer’s Body. More recently, after seeing The Avengers in theaters with a couple of friends, I noticed how ridiculous Thor and Captain America’s costumes look in real life. They’re accurate to their comic book counterparts (not replicates, mind you) but they just look silly.

That’s when I realized that what my problem is with watching movies is I overanalyze movies all the time instead of just watching them for enjoyment. That means that watching movies can almost be like work and it gets tiresome. By this logic, that means that I really like movies and I think this is true.

I love figuring out what character motivations are, how things are presented visually and cognitively and what the movie is trying to say as a whole. With the exception of horror movies (I’m working on that), I’ll watch anything. Action flicks, romantic comedies, political dramas, and try to find how this works and what its saying. Whether the movie is good or not is another factor. I also enjoy hearing other people’s analysis about movies. I may have read several articles about Dogtown and I may be a fan of The Nostalgia Chick.

I wonder how I could strengthen my brain so I could sit down and enjoy a movie without analyzing the movie to the detriment of my ability to watch it. I enjoy critiquing movies and learning new things about movie creation and presentation but not to the point that it stops me from enjoying it. I guess I need to train myself to just relax and switch my mind off just enough to allow myself to enjoy it. Anyone else have this problem? Comments are well appreciated.


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