Discussing: Troubles with Movies

I’ve noticed a problem I have with watching movies. I have a hard time sitting through one. I do like movies, but I have a hard time mustering up the mindset to sit through two hours of cinema. At first, I thought that it was because of the running time. Maybe I can’t stay involved for that long. Maybe that’s why I prefer television shows and their 22 minute run time. This also works for internet shows, which I enjoy a lot as well. However, I really enjoy most of the movies I do watch, even the bad ones.

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My Gaming Landscape [May 3, 2012]

After a few months of plowing through various games, I’ve been drifting back and forth between various games. I did manage to complete Assault Heroes for XBLA during that time but that’s about it that I can remember. FYI, Assault Heroes, an okay game. Fun shooter but paced a bit sluggishly. So rather than writing about what I’ve been playing, I’m just going to write about what I plan on playing.

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Colorwind Reacts: Do We Need God of War Multiplayer

Details about the upcoming prequel in the God of War series have surfaced and chief among them is the inclusion of multiplayer. A full description of this new addition to the series can be read here. I had a feeling that this might happen and I know it makes sense from a business perspective but I just have to ask the question: do we need multiplayer in a God of War game?

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