Discussing: Product Registration Cards

clip_image001So I’m looking at the case for my copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I haven’t really looked at it or read the manual, which is something I like to do. So I removed the awesome albeit unnecessary slipcover and check it out, admiring the cover art and reading the various tag lines and descriptions on the back. I look at the case itself and it’s virtually the same so I open the case and pull out the manual to read. At this point, I discover that behind the manual is a little high quality piece of paper with printing on one side only.

It’s the product registration card for the game. Many times have I seen this scrap of purchase validation either in this form or as a cutout in the manual itself or as a mail in form back in the day. Does anyone actually do this though? That is to say, does anyone go online or fill out the form and then enter the serial code or mail it to confirm to the publisher that you purchased their game? They promise rewards sometimes but is it of any real value? Nintendo comes to mind first as they offer significant rewards to customers but even that is just recently.

So do you think about product registrations? Do you do this? Do you like doing so? What does it do for you and what motivates you to do so? Do you think it’s stupid and pointless? Sound off and let me know. I myself was actually going to try it but Square Enix’s login page is down for maintenance. So I think it’s a waste of time but without actually trying, I’m not sure.


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