My Gaming Landscape 3-19-12

ThedishwatercoverI recently completed The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai after initially giving up on the game. I got stuck on a boss but I went back and devised a strategy to defeat him. It was some giant robot on wheels with homing missiles or something crazy like that. Afterward, the game was relatively simple to get through. I did beat it on Easy but that was because I tried Normal difficulty when I first started and didn’t get too far. I think I reached the second level and that was it. I will try to complete the other difficulties later because I really enjoyed this game. What I would really like to do is try co-op. If anyone wants to team up, let me know. Great game and I recommend it.

I also completed Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. That is a game with some real issues and bugs but the narrative is really strong and the gameplay still manages to be fun despite its issues. I’ve always liked the Brothers in Arms series as a tactical alternative to the Call of Duty series and this is no exception. Warning: this game has really high standards on the PC for some reason. It really doesn’t require it. I blame bad spec optimization. One thing also – the second to last mission really hated me because my teammates stopped listening to me at one point. Then tanks just kept on coming at me and I had no bazooka. That mission is really lopsided.

clip_image002As part of my horror game plan, I started Dino Crisis using a PlayStation emulator. Side note: emulators are fine but after using them for a long time now, I have to say that if you enjoy a system or a game you played on an emulator, buy the real thing when you get the money. Think of it as you renting it than an actual replacement. Anyways, aside from this one sequence when a T-Rex busted through a window, I haven’t been scared. Even more impressive is I’m sort of enjoying the game. The controls are garbage and combat is laughable but I like the puzzles and the roaming around. I don’t think it’s a great game but it isn’t bad. So far, I would buy this if I had the money and could find it (and if I had a PSone memory card since I would be playing it on my PS2.)

I’m still trying to complete Vigilante 8 Arcade on the XBLA with all the characters on Hard. I’m halfway done with four done and four to go. I’m also going through Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, which plays like a lite version of the Sands of Time trilogy but I enjoying it. However, I ordered Deus Ex: Human Revolution from Gamefly and I’ll probably start that when it gets here (most likely today). I haven’t been playing too many games these past two weeks. I’m not sure if that’ll change but it might as my birthday is later this week. I have been thinking about finishing the DLC I got for Fable III and maybe some achievement hunting is in order too.


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