Gamefly Goodbye

I’m canceling my Gamefly account. I realized that I would rent games but not play them too much because I’m busy playing games I already have and haven’t completed. Also, I have trouble investing myself in games I don’t own for some reason and more importantly, there’s enough demos coming out on Xbox Live that I’ll already know which games I’ll enjoy and which I won’t. The point of Gamefly for me was to try new games so I don’t waste money buying bad ones (which is the point of renting games from anywhere). Demos are doing that for me now so I don’t really need Gamefly anymore. So I’m using my remaining $5 off on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and replacing that with Hulu Plus. I watch TV shows more than anything else so its weird I don’t have it anyways.


You talking to me? Are you...talking to me?

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