My Gaming Landscape 3-6-12

I’ve been playing a lot of video games recently so let’s get into this. First things first, I completed Prince of Persia this past Friday. This is my second time going through it, first time with my PC copy of the game and I loved it. That game does truly give you an experience. I also have been playing Condemned on the PC as I try to overcome my fear of horror games. It’s not going well. I stopped playing about halfway through the second level. I’ll keep trying though (someday). I also started playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the PC and I was having a great time with it. I went all the way to the sixth level (which is about halfway through the game) when my save game file became corrupted and some sort of fatal error screwed up the install files for the game so now I’m screwed and I can’t play anymore. I’m thinking of getting the Gold edition of the game for the Xbox 360, as it has eight more characters, but that sucker’s like $40-70 bucks!


I didn’t even know who Ms. Marvel was before this game, but now that I do, she’s a friggin’ badass!

Continuing the long list of PC games I’ve been playing, I started playing Deep Black Reloaded for review this past weekend. I won’t get into it too much as my review should be coming very soon and you can read that (plus my accompanying Review Companion) for my thoughts on it. However, on the PC front, the game I’ve finally arrived at to essentially be the title I focus on since Condemned, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Deep Black haven’t worked out is Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. I bought it on Steam a while back but my computer couldn’t run it. Now with my new computer, it can! I’ve liked the Brothers in Arms series since the first one and while this one is something of a disappointment (your character moves somewhat stiffly and the new overhead map is clashing with the tone of the game), I’m enjoying myself.


Graphics in this game can be both well detailed and fugly at the same time. Strange.

Over on the console front, with all the attention I’m giving my PC, my Xbox 360 is the only console getting any love. For some strange reason, I’ve gone on a demo binge and I’ve downloaded almost 100 demos of various games. I’ve only played like 10 so I don’t know why I did that. I’ll probably end up just deleting them. I don’t like keeping files that I don’t need on any kind of device. Computer, console, phone, iPod, you name it. While sampling various games, I put some time into Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on XBLA to get some achievements that I figured I could get. I attempted to play online but one match where I was just spectating and it was clear I was way out of my league. Developers, we really need a skill based matching system. Another note: MvC2 isn’t as good as I remember it. I’ve actually gotten used to the dpad on the 360 a bit but the spectacle that this game is seems hollow to me now. The mechanics are good but they aren’t great to me anymore. Oh well. I guess some games just don’t age well.


I used to be an awesome MvC2 player but now I’m not and more importantly, I don’t really care to be.

I started playing Vigilante 8 Arcade again. I actually started the game early last month and put in some long hours into that game. I’ve always loved the series and I know it didn’t get good reviews when it was released but I don’t care. I LOVE this game. It is disappointing that so few levels and characters are in the game and a lot of the flair and presentation was cut, but the gameplay is still good and with the weapons mapped to each face button, it’s actually improved! Anyways, I completed all the easy quests for each character but now I’m coming back and doing the medium ones.


This is pure nostalgic awesomeness for me! BASS QUAKE!

I also started playing Scarygirl again. I reviewed it back in January and I gave it three stars out of five. I originally stopped playing it after getting about halfway through the game, due to a part where I was stuck but I’ve figured out how to get past there so I’m continuing onward. The thing that bothers me with this game is whenever it starts to show you something good, something else appears to frustrate you. I finally afforded a feather attachment for my tentacle arm (weird conversation, right?) and I enjoy my improved hovering ability but now I’m trying to collect bones and I can’t open a stupid door because Scarygirl isn’t precise enough with her aiming. I then have to hop back through these revolving platforms, grab another projectile, jump back (without the help of her hover since she can’t hover while holding onto something) and try again. I’m on the verge of giving up again. Oh and while I did start to enjoy myself a bit once I got past that section I was initially stuck at, this is still indicative of what I expressed in my review. Even if I manage to complete this game, I stand by my score.


Swinging pisses me off from time to time. Sometimes it just doesn’t work and other times it’s fine. Inconsistency rage!

Finally, two games I’ve been playing from Gamefly rentals is Dirt and Sonic Generations. Real quickly, Dirt is a lot of fun but man, can it be frustrating. The first game in the series lacks the gameplay polish that Dirt 2 and especially Dirt 3 has. Sonic Generations, which I just got today, is a ton of fun. I really enjoyed Sonic Colors but I was still skeptical, if hopeful, of Sonic Generations. Now that I’ve tried it, I love it. Not the best Sonic game ever but very good. I’m going to keep playing and I might buy this along with Rayman Origins for my upcoming birthday, as both games are around the $25 mark. Well, that’s what I’ve been playing! Comment and let me know what you’ve been playing in the comment section below!


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