Discussing: The Xbox 360 YouTube App is Garbage

Okay I hope I get some responses on this one. How many of you have trouble with the YouTube app on the Xbox 360? I know I do.

clip_image002Leading up to the new Xbox dashboard, the one thing I was looking forward to was the YouTube app. It always puzzled me why something like this didn’t exist already or at least something this accessible. YouTube is basically TV to me. I watch videos on YouTube more than I do television but prolonged viewing on a desk chair in front of a monitor isn’t ideal. I’ve tried other options, including an addon to Windows Media Center (Macrotube) that worked to an extent but it wouldn’t let you access your playlists or any playlists for that matter. Also it seems like it would stop working whenever it felt like it. Needless to say, it wasn’t really stable so I was looking forward to this app. Hi Def videos, playlists, search features, it all sounded good. So when the new dashboard update launched, I was disappointed. No YouTube app. No, I would have to wait a week. So I did. The next week comes and I download the YouTube app.

clip_image004At first, I loved it. I could search for any video I want, I could log in to my YouTube account, access all my playlists, other people’s playlists and all my subscriptions were there. I actually still like that and all the features that should be there are there. Sure, there’s no Kinect intergration and copyrighted videos aren’t available but I don’t have a Kinect so it doesn’t bother me and it’s expected for the licensed videos to be unavailable. They’re trying to sell you the music videos and whatnot on the Zune marketplace. Anyways, I’m using the YouTube app and going through my subscriptions, watching G4 clips and Classic Game Room reviews and I’m about to check for any new Foamy episodes I may have missed and I select the illwillpress channel and the screen freezes. I wait for a moment, thinking maybe the network is experiencing a high volume of users since this app is brand new. After a minute or so, the screen goes black and returns to the main videos tab on the dashboard.

The YouTube app just crashed.

I’ve never been kicked out of anything on the Xbox 360 so that took me by surprise. I’ve had games freeze on me but that required a system restart. The Xbox just basically said, “I can’t handle this. Screw it!” So I start the app all over again and when I try to get back to my subscriptions again, the app won’t load them. From that point on, I realized that this app was not going to be my perminant solution to my YouTube viewing.


Ironically, I think after watching this welcome video for the YouTube app, it crashed.

It has been a couple of months or so since the release of the YouTube app and I’ve learned tricks to get the damn thing to work. Whenever I enter any sub menu, I have to wait until it completely loads everything, the number of videos, the number of likes, the screenshots everything. If I don’t, the next menu probably won’t load at all. It doesn’t list anything in any kind of discernible order either so I also need to take my time going through my listings or else something will not load at all, meaning the next sub menu won’t load either. Also, when I select a video and I plan to watch the next several videos, like in a playlist or something, after a few videos, I have to go back to the menu or else the video will get stuck and just not load. I then have to go back to the menu, go to that video, and select it that way. If I don’t do all of this, there’s a chance the app will crash and I’ll have to start all over, if I can muster the will to do so.

clip_image007I actually bitched about this on Twitter and got a response from Xbox support and they tried to walk me though several ways to fix my problems. I tried erasing the system cache, uninstalling and re-installing the YouTube app, and signing in and out of my profile but to no avail. After an update to the app appeared about a month ago, I though my problems were solved. I thought, “They caught their mistakes (whoever ‘they’ is) and fixed them.” Nope. Aside from crashing slightly less than it did before, I saw no difference. I still use the app because its still better than nothing but especially with me having my new PC, my search for a stable YouTube viewer continues.

Has anyone else had this much trouble with the YouTube app? Does anyone have no problem with it? Comment and let me know. Also, if anyone knows of an actual fix for the issues I’m having, please tell me. I’d be much appreciative.


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