My Gaming Landscape 1-16-12

clip_image002This is my first blog post in two weeks. It’s hard not having my computer and all. Enough about that, though. You know, I still have so much trouble staying on one game and completing it. I’m about halfway through Bastion but I haven’t played it in a week or so. Part of the reason is, sigh, I’m not crazy about the game. It’s not a bad game by any means. The controls are solid, the gameplay is challenging and the art direction is beautiful. At the same time though, I think The Kid moves too slowly, the gameplay isn’t engaging and the levels aren’t expansive enough. Upgrades aren’t too effective in my opinion either. I always forget about my special attack because I rarely need it. I’ll try to keep up with it but although there’s nothing wrong with Bastion, it’s just not grabbing me. Ol’ PixlBit papa Nick DiMola has expressed his opinion of believing that game is merely a 3.5 out of 5 and I think I might agree with him.

clip_image004What is the deal with Fable III? At first, I hated it and now its the one game I’ve managed to play consistently. I actually really enjoy it now. Stranger still is the reasons why I didn’t like it before are still my problems before. I’ve just found aspects of the game I enjoy more. Combat is still a mess. Why the hell did they take away the lock on button from Fable II? However, I still like the magic spells. Sort of. The Ice, Vortex and Blades spells are worthless. I enjoy the side missions now. I used to hate them but I guess I just did a few bad ones first. I also tried making everyone in Brightwall like me but I gave up on that. Some people are just never happy. So I killed of few of them. I grabbed the hand of some of the people who hated me, dragged them behind a building or across the main bridge, and then sliced them. I kill people who don’t like me. Remember that. lol. Anyways, my main enjoyment has come from buying real estate, upgrading my character, and doing missions, both side and main.

clip_image006I’m now the King of Albion and I got there way too quickly. I believe it was PixlBit’s own Mike Wall who warned me that the game was really short. Well, he couldn’t have been more correct. I still have to do the decision making stuff the King does but I really just doing side quests and finding pickups I’ve missed so far. *SPOILER* I already know that I can’t prevent the attack of the upcoming invation of the shadow creature things so I’m being a good king and basically treating my subjects as if they were on Hospice. I’m making them as comfortable as possible before they all die. I’m planning on buying all the property I can and funding the preparations for the attack with the profits. Quick note: the sequence where you stumble through the underground ruins where the shadow creatures are and through the sands is easily the best part of the game. I actually enjoyed the combat during that sequence and it made me care about the story for the first time since starting the game. I’m actually considering going through the game again except as a woman and being evil instead of good. I’m usually good in games like this so that’ll be interesting. If I do so, that is.

clip_image008Aside from those titles, I’ve been trying out various demos because they’re there. I need to try demos out before I rent or buy games. It’s an easy way to try titles before wasting time or money. The demos I’ve been playing include Army of Two, A Kingdom of Keflings and Axel and Pixel. After Burner Climax is another demo I tried. Happy ending jokes aside, that game is awesome, although it may be because I love older games. I also tried Afro Samurai. That game is the prime example of stupid fun with little to know depth. I actually want to rent and try that game and I noticed it’s like $25 bucks on Amazon. I’m not sure when I can try it as I have a few titles lined up on my Gamefly queve that I’m trying to get for review but when I get the chance, I’ll rent it and make my decision on that game then. Hell, maybe a review will be in the works. Speaking of review, I’ve started Sonic CD on the Xbox Live Arcade up again briefly for review. So be sure to look for that soon. Alright! Take it easy, people. Hope you all are doing well and there’s a good game you’re enjoying right now.

Peace and Love



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