Discussing: Gamer Girls

gamer-girlsIn our community of like minded individuals who enjoy the art of electronic entertainment, one aspect that seems to be a reoccurring subject for discussion is the lack of women in said community. Fans of video games tend to be young adult males and women don’t usually tend to be thought of when you think of a gamer. Now, having said that, we now in large part know this is no longer the case. Although probably true 10-15 years ago, women have now become more prevalent in the video game community and some could argue that the audience is now around 50-50. Nonetheless though, those not aware of this change still see a woman who enjoys video games to be a rare thing. As such, we now have the term “Gamer Girl” instilled into the echelon. Furthermore, there are people, women, who are in the public eye that have been given this label.

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My Holiday Purchases (So Far)

After much consideration, I decided not to get a PlayStation 3. The main reasons for this decision was because 1) I got an Xbox 360 as a early Christmas present and 2) my backlog has gotten completely crazy. I have so much to play and not nearly enough time to do so. So I will not be getting a PS3 this Christmas. Sorry to those who were looking forward to playing with me online but priorities, man. Maybe when my birthday comes around this March…

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Game Pitch: The SoulCalibur HD Collection

clip_image002Who loves SoulCalibur? I do! I remember playing the first in the series, Soul Blade, on the original PlayStation and it completely took me by surprise. I heard about it because of an advertisement on the back of the manual of Tekken 2. I rented it at Hollywood Video (they always had older titles whereas Blockbuster would get rid of them quickly) and bought it soon afterward used at Funcoland. The second title, SoulCalibur, was one of the first games I bought when I got my Dreamcast and I was addicted to that game. Although I missed the different weapons with different stats, the gameplay was more fluid and better paced. The removal of the weapon health bar and the 8-way movement was really what made that title above and beyond any other 3D fighter and it’s my favorite in the series. SoulCalibur II was something of a disappointment to me but my friends and I had a lot of fun playing that game and since it was released on multiple consoles as opposed to just one, SoulCalibur II is the game that truly propelled the series into the mainstream. SoulCalibur III was a better game but I could never get into it due to a game breaking bug I encountered that kept on corrupting my save file.

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Discussing: I Miss Cool Disc Designs

eternal_champions_usa_Remember when video games had these cool pictures on the cart or disc and just made it seem so much cooler? Look how cool that is! We’ve got a dude in green spandex and his wristband has this light coming from behind it and he’s got on these slick rayband glasses and there’s a beast man there, looking like he’s going to attack you and there’s this hot blonde chick who’s like pointing to the game’s title like she’s Vanna White. Corny sure, but I was so pumped to throw down some Eternal Champions when I first saw this. You would pop this into your Sega Genesis and that image would be sticking out of your console, not only letting you know what you are playing but also giving your console style. You would leave the game in the cartridge slot because it looked so cool presenting the Genesis to you room. We don’t have that luxury now because discs are always inside the console but that doesn’t mean we don’t like disc art.

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Discussing: Vita Rant

clip_image002Following the announcement of the Vita’s North American release date, details on the PlayStation Vita have been filtering out. These include PSP games transferring and which ones can, PSone classics, your PSN account, and the memory cards. When the new Sony portable was announced, I was excited that Sony was going to try again. You see, I like the PSP and although it didn’t sell that well and I ended up playing ports on the handheld, I enjoyed its versatility and design. When the portable was revealed to be the Vita, I wasn’t crazy about the name but it grew on me and now I think it’s a pretty good name. Then the price was announced. Considering all that the Vita is promising, it was a steal at $250. However, since these details have been discovered by various news outlets and the such, my excitement for the Vita has plummeted drastically, because with the exception of one story about the price of digital versions of Vita games, it’s been all bad.

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