My Gaming Landscape 11-29-2011

clip_image001Hello, peoples! CoLoRWinD here and Thanksgiving is known for being a great time to catch up on video games you’ve missed. I myself didn’t do too much of this as I mostly caught up on some rest, both from writing and from food. However, I did play the hell out of Half-Life 2 and Super Mario Galaxy. I finally got my gravity gun Half-Life 2 and I’m up to 111 stars in Super Mario Galaxy. So close…

I also started playing Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games for review. Check that out here at PixlBit soon. My friend Rick also came over that weekend and played some of the game as well. He also attempted to install his copy of Skyrim on my computer but, as I already suspected, my PC couldn’t run the game properly. To his credit, I’m surprised he got it to run at all but it was basically a slideshow of screenshots of the game rather than something playable.

Maybe the highlight of my weekend however was my discovery and installation of the Homebrew channel onto my Wii. Thanks to some help from the PixlBit crew, I can now try various apps not available before. I’m still learning about how it works and what the different apps do and which ones actually work but its a great tool to have. Now all I need is a classic controller to use for some of these emulators.

Well, that was my weekend. How was your Thanksgiving? If you don’t celebrate thanksgiving for whatever reason, tell me what you did this weekend anyways. What did you play? Have you tried Mario & Sonic 2012? What are some recommendations for the homebrew channel? Comment below and let me know.

Peace and Love,



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