Guess Who Just Got Gamefly! (again)

I’ll keep this brief. I got a Gamefly account to help keep me current in the video game world. Right now, I’m renting Wii games only but when I get my PS3 next month, I’ll be getting those games as well. I activated my account on Monday and I received my first game, Sonic Colors, on Tuesday! That is so freakin’ fast! Kirby’s Epic Yarn is next, although I wanted Kirby’s Return to Dreamland but availability was low so they mailed me the next title on my list. Side note: I didn’t mail back Sonic Colors. I kept it. It was only 15 bucks and I enjoy it, although I didn’t as much at first.

Sonic Colors is a game I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. As you may or may not know, I’m a big Sonic fan. However, I haven’t tried a new Sonic game in five years after giving up on the franchise after buying Sonic the Hedgehog, the 2006 game, for the Xbox 360. I heard about how Sonic was having something of a revival in 2010 with three games that were getting good reviews: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, and Sonic Colors. I tried All-Stars Racing on the PC via a download and really liked it. So I tried Sonic Colors and at first, I thought it was a functional game (which is good considering the quality of recent Sonic titles) but it wasn’t anything outstanding. After a few cheap deaths and just not wanting to continue, I put the game back in the sleeve and planned to mail it the following day. However, that night, I felt like I hadn’t given the game a fair chance.

So I peeled off the sealing flap and popped the game back in and I powered through the level that was killing me over and over again. When I got to the next act, I was happy to see that this level was much more entertaining and the level design was better. Also, I noticed that this game wasn’t actually playing like other Sonic games. So instead of trying to zip through everything and go fast, I started treating the levels like I did the Labyrinth level in Sonic the Hedgehog 1 for the Genesis. I started taking my time and started focusing on the details on the platforming like I would a clone of a Mario game. As I did this, I started enjoying myself and other aspects of the game that I found trivial before, like getting a higher score and returning to previous levels once new power ups (wisps) were available, suddenly became more interesting and I was more motivated in doing so.

I’m only completed about 18 of the 44 acts so I’m not reviewing this game or anything but I am saying that I enjoy it and I’m going to write a exclusive review here (since PixlBit already has one) hopefully in the coming weeks. So Gamefly is working out quite well and Kirby’s Epic Yarn will hopefully be awesome as well. What are your experiences with Gamefly? Good or Bad? Have you played Sonic Colors? What did you think? Comment below and let me know! Oh and shameless plug, check out PixlBit. It makes you a better person! Also, there’s pie


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