Game Pitch: The Tekken HD Collection

PixlBit released an article yesterday with choices of game franchises and titles we’d like to see get the HD treatment. Check that out if you can but we distilled it from a list of titles we all nominated and chose from. A couple of my choices obviously didn’t make it but that’s why I love 1up. I can give you some more choices in my opinion of titles I’d love to see get an HD revitalization. What’s more is I won’t limit it to ports but remakes as well. This will probably be multiple posts as I had a lot of choices that ultimately was boiled down to one per writer, give or take. Without further adu, here’s some of my personal picks for games that need to be seen in 1080p.

Tekken series

The Tekken series was one of the first games I played for the PlayStation. I remember going to some video game store in a mall rather far from our house (I thought it was so fancy and foreign). I went there and bought the game (or rather had my mom buy it) for a whopping $80! Dude totally ripped me off. However, that first game was so cool and the new way in controlled in comparison to the Street Fighter series and the Mortal Kombat series was quite surprising. The series only became better with Tekken 2. More characters, more moves and more polished fighting mechanics made it my favorite Tekken in the series. It also introduced the evil component that would be used in the later entries with Devil Kazuya. It also introduced a bunch of modes which while might not be the first game to do so, it was the first I can remember that had more than “Arcade”, “Versus” and “Options”. Tekken 2 boasted Team Battle mode, Survival mode, Time Attack mode, and Practice mode, as well as the aforementioned Arcade, Versus and Options. Tekken 3 transformed the series into what it is today with more flashier graphics and a mostly different roster of characters, including the introduction of Jin Kazama. The barren backgrounds from previous installments were replaced with more detailed, interesting and colorful backdrops that gave the matches more visual pop, giving the feeling of a populated world. Tekken Ball mode was introduced as a fun alternative to the fighting, as well as the Tekken Force mode, for better or worse.

An HD Collection of the first three games would probably require some work but I’m sure fans would love to play the series at its pinnacle. Many still consider Tekken 3 to be one of the greatest 3D fighters ever created and the fact that it hasn’t really been looked back on is a real shame. Along with the three games having high resolutions, an optional remastered look should be offered. We know from new installments like Tekken 6 that this series can look amazing in HD. The Tekken series’ shortcoming has always been its graphics in that it looks like an early 3D game. Characters are clearly consisted of blocks and triangles and blurry textures and somewhat dull colors don’t make it a visually appealing game. All of these issues are merely technical problems, something that won’t be a problem today. Totally redone graphics should be available for younger audiences that would normally see the blockly characters and run. However, the original graphics should remain for purists. Special features should include interviews, concept art, your basic fare but they should also include the arcade versions as well. I should point out that the HD collection should consist of the superior PlayStation versions. Trophy and Achievement support should be a given. Side note: I would say another collection of the PS2 games would also be cool but Tekken Tag Tournament is already being done in HD, Tekken 5 already is ported via PlayStation Network in HD and hoping for an HD remake of just one Tekken game, which is the worse one in the series, is a real stretch.

One down, many to go. Be sure to check my blog for my next choice of game that deserves the High Definition makeover. Hint: My next choice will be so sweet, you’ll want to drive like a madman.


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