My Gaming Landscape 11-29-2011

clip_image001Hello, peoples! CoLoRWinD here and Thanksgiving is known for being a great time to catch up on video games you’ve missed. I myself didn’t do too much of this as I mostly caught up on some rest, both from writing and from food. However, I did play the hell out of Half-Life 2 and Super Mario Galaxy. I finally got my gravity gun Half-Life 2 and I’m up to 111 stars in Super Mario Galaxy. So close…

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What to Buy Me for Christmas

Our Holiday Buyer’s Guides are going up on the site and I hope you’ll read mine but I thought I would write about what I would want for Christmas. You see, gamers like me who are super into retro gaming and have different tastes are hard to shop for. Actually, I’m personally just hard to shop for period because I’m super picky. Needless to say, I get a lot of gift cards. So I thought I would post what someone like me would like. (read: buy me this stuff).

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My Gaming Landscape 11-21-2011

So Sunday saw me doing some serious gaming, something I haven’t done in awhile.

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Countdown: Best Gamecube Games

Only three days ago, the Xbox turned 10. Now, it’s the Gamecube’s turn. I’ll be honest. I’m not a big fan of the lunch pail. However, the console did have game I enjoyed including probably my favorite multiplayer game ever. Read on and see what I consider to be the top of the Gamecube heap.

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Guess Who Just Got Gamefly! (again)

I’ll keep this brief. I got a Gamefly account to help keep me current in the video game world. Right now, I’m renting Wii games only but when I get my PS3 next month, I’ll be getting those games as well. I activated my account on Monday and I received my first game, Sonic Colors, on Tuesday! That is so freakin’ fast! Kirby’s Epic Yarn is next, although I wanted Kirby’s Return to Dreamland but availability was low so they mailed me the next title on my list. Side note: I didn’t mail back Sonic Colors. I kept it. It was only 15 bucks and I enjoy it, although I didn’t as much at first.

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Countdown: Best Xbox Games

Today is the tenth anniversary of the Xbox! The original one, not the 360. That won’t be here for another four years. So here’s a list of my favorite Xbox games!

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Game Pitch: The Shadow Hearts HD Collection

Continuing my series of games I’d like to see in HD, here’s a collection that would be in the vein of the ICO collection. The Shadow Hearts series are games most people have not played but are revered by people who are a fan of the genre. The same can be said about the ICO collection. For this reason, it seems that these games wouldn’t see a rerelease, yet the ICO collection exists. Therefore, why not Shadow Hearts? I’ll tell you why. Shadow Hearts was created by Sacnoth (later known as Nautilus), a company formally created by Legend of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta. After their first couple of games didn’t sell well, he left the company while the remaining team created the Shadow Hearts series, now under the control of Azure, the same company that bought SNK. After the Shadow Hearts games, Azure closed the company down and its various members are now scattered or a part of the new development company feelplus. As such, the future of the series is extremely bleak, if nonexistence. What’s more is who is in charge of the series is questionable.

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Game Pitch: The Tekken HD Collection

PixlBit released an article yesterday with choices of game franchises and titles we’d like to see get the HD treatment. Check that out if you can but we distilled it from a list of titles we all nominated and chose from. A couple of my choices obviously didn’t make it but that’s why I love 1up. I can give you some more choices in my opinion of titles I’d love to see get an HD revitalization. What’s more is I won’t limit it to ports but remakes as well. This will probably be multiple posts as I had a lot of choices that ultimately was boiled down to one per writer, give or take. Without further adu, here’s some of my personal picks for games that need to be seen in 1080p.

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My Gaming Landscape 11-7-2011

Oh my God. What is up, my brothers in arms. It’s been two weeks but I’m back. In case you were wondering where I’ve been busy with my time as of late, I will inform you that I have moved to another location. A new home in the town next to the one I previously occupied. As such, I took a break from my blogging duties to relocate my possessions and return them to order. All has gone according to plan. Now no one can stop me. Not even…Austin Powers. Muahahahahaha. Muahahahahaha. MUAHahahahaha. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

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