Duke Nukem Forever Impressions

I picked up Duke Nukem Forever this Friday for $5 on OnLive. I should’ve spent that $5 on Splinter Cell Conviction on Monday but we all make mistakes. In my defense, I got Assassin’s Creed II on Wednesday, Borderlands GOTY last week and Dirt 3 with my 98% off coupon.

Having said that, I have to say that this game isn’t really that bad. The interactive environments are gimmicky but I like it. The shooting is exciting and intense, if uninspired and so far, this game is okay. Initial impressions would give this game a 3 out of 5, which is to say it’s average. I’ve just gotten to the part where you’re in what seems like a construction yard, on your way to the Duke Dome or whatever it’s called. I will say that this game has a very old school game design but once you adjust to that, it doesn’t bother you.

Duke is a complete ass and macho douchbag but that’s what I expected so maybe my expectations were exactly where it needed to be. Graphics aren’t great, I will say that. It looks good but upon closer inspection, there’s blurry textures, weird character animations and those twins aren’t as hot as they should be. Something else that annoys me are those enemies with the barrels. They never miss, instant kill, super cheap. Also, oh my god the load times. THE LOAD TIMES FROM HELL! It takes forever! Duke Nukem Forever! lol

Now I know I’m in the minority here so tell me, what’s so god awful about this game? I haven’t gotten to the controversial alien rape level but I am aware of it already. Is it that? Is it the old game design? Is it just the masoginistic insanity of it all? Comment and tell me.


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