Nothing Beats a Wii…

What’s the haps, people? Colorwind here and it’s good to be a gamer. Due to a class action lawsuit in my favor, I was able to buy a used Nintendo Wii last week on eBay. I now finally have a current generation console, although not the one I wanted. Don’t worry, I still am planning to get a PS3 in December, as per my posts about doing so. However, in the meantime, I’ve got a Wii! This Wii actually came in the original box, with all the connections and two Wiimotes and nunchuks! No games, but that’s still a deal at $80. It’s in great condition. I also bought two Virtual Console games and Super Mario Galaxy, which I haven’t received yet in the mail. It should be here either later today or tomorrow. However, I find it strange that I’ve been enjoying my Wii with just the two VC games and Netflix.

It is true that the Wii is already on its way out. However, one thing I really like about the Wii is the Virtual Console. All the games on the service is practically perfect emulated versions of the original. No remix versions, no improvements. These are the same games you played or missed back in the day. I had a surreal moment as the first game I got was Super Mario Bros 2. I have a picture of me when I was little playing Super Mario Bros 2 on my NES on a little piece of shit wood grain TV and it’s one of my prized possessions. Now, almost 20 years later, I’m standing in front of my 56″ DLP HDTV playing Super Mario Bros 2 on my Wii. The only difference is I’m better at the game now. I got as far as World 3-3, a personal best.

Another great example is the second game I bought, the original Final Fantasy from the NES. I never had this back then. I didn’t even know about the series until the SNES days and it was late, like 1995 or maybe later. However, I LOVED the PSone remake. So I bought this as soon as I saw it, amazed that it was even available. Side note: I don’t have a classic controller or a GameCube controller, which is why I didn’t get any SNES or N64 games. I’ve only played it for an hour or so and already I’m hooked. I’m also playing Dragon Warrior on my NES right now and I’m so surprised by how much of an improvement Final Fantasy is from Dragon Warrior. The game does have weird quirks, like the strange strobe light effect when you pause but this really is the same game from the PSone remake and the gameplay is just as solid.

As of now, I’m just mostly watching American Pickers on Netflix because I dig the History Channel. I am excited to get Super Mario Galaxy though. It was a safe buy, as I’ve owned it the last time I had a Wii and it’s probably my favorite game on the platform. I’m already thinking about getting a GameCube controller, a classic controller and another game but that’ll have to wait for awhile. Luckily, Final Fantasy is a long game and I’ll want to 100% Galaxy. Also, maybe I can get my friends to lend me a game. I’m still trying to find a reason to like Nintendo and now that I have a Wii, I’ll start to be able to find something first hand. Lord knows I need a reason now after that new bundle debacle. I will now leave you with a video I remember seeing when the Wii was first released. The guy in the video is dead wrong but it’s still entertaining. Also I guess he could’ve gotten a 3DO.


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