Discussing: Wii-evaluation [Reevaluating WTF Nintendo is doing with its latest holiday bundle]

This week has been a busy one for me. PixlBit is staying on top of the latest news developments, as well as dishing out reviews and features. Check out our daily posts on Ratchet and Clank in celebration of the upcoming All 4 One. However, one of the stories we posted has really got me thinking about what Nintendo thinks it’s doing.

This new bundle seems to be just another option for buyers this holiday but this particular Wii console strips out the GameCube compatibility, controller ports and all. You can read the full story I posted here. I don’t even know what to make of this. It costs $150 dollars still so even though it’s less than the bundle currently offered it costs the same. Also, the current bundle, with Mario Kart Wii, will still be available. I, I don’t get it. If you want to strip features out of a console, it needs to be cheaper than the console with those features! No one is going to say “Oh, these two devices are the same price, but I’m going to buy the one with less stuff in it because I don’t need it.” Even if you don’t want Gamecube functionality or know about that stuff, like the audience for the Wii might be like, you still will get the one with more stuff! It doesn’t complicate things!

I can see if they offered this version of the Wii at a cheaper price. That makes sense. People don’t want to pay for something they’re not going to use. This would be a good option for your mother who just wants the Wii for Wii Sports and Wii Fit. However, if that’s the audience you want, market to them! This GameCube less console should’ve been bundled with the Wii Sports games or maybe with a balance board and Wii Fit. That’s worth $150. As it is, this should only be $130 at max.

Another point is the game. Why bundle New Super Mario Bros Wii without a second controller? This game has an emphasis on multiplayer. Two sets of Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controllers with the game and this less featured Wii would merit $150. Which brings up another point. Why New Super Mario Bros Wii with this new console? There already was a bundle with this game. Just release that at $150 WITH THE BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY!!! It would even save money. No new configuration, no new box design, just manufacture what you already have again.

Some may say that it’s not just New Super Mario Bros Wii but you can’t tell me that that stupid soundtrack of Super Mario Galaxy is worth that much. The only people who care about that disc are Nintendo fans and Super Mario Galaxy fans, both of which probably already have a Wii. You know what they could’ve done? Nintendo could’ve bundled in a demo of Super Mario Galaxy. Maybe on a disc or something, since the Wii doesn’t have that much hard drive space. Then kids will listen to the soundtrack (unlikely but just go with it) and play the demo and then beg their mom or dad to get the full game for them and then they will and yay, more sales for Nintendo. No kid is going to get excited about a game based solely on the music.

I’m not against Nintendo releasing a version of the Wii with no backwards compatibility but the way they’re doing it is just ridiculous. I’ve been trying not to hate on Nintendo as I’ve even become tired of hearing myself bitch about them as of late. I am always looking for some reason to say good things about the 3DS which with the upcoming games makes it look quite appealing. However, when crap like this is released, it’s really hard not to slide back into rant mode. I’m still trying, though. I recently bought a Wii and am just waiting for it to be delivered so I’ll be enjoying some Nintendo goodness soon, I hope, but you better be damn sure that I got the backwards compatible Wii and not this gutted one for free. Oh and by the way, I bought it used, in good condition, with two (normal) Wii remotes, two Nunchuks, and a copy of Super Mario Galaxy for under $100. So yeah. I looked on eBay and Amazon for 10 minutes and got that. You’ll probably spend that amount of time waiting in line to pay for this bundle.

This rant is over but if you want to hear a more subdued, if awesome, conversation about this story, the PC issues with RAGE and the new 360 hard drive, check out PixlTalk for this week. I was on it, along with senior staffer Jason Ross and our host Nate Hascup, and it was a lot of fun. First time on a podcast! PODCAST!!!


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