My Gaming Landscape 10-7-2011

A quick update today.

I wanted to share with you two blogs that I truly loved reading. Julian Titus, a fellow PixlBit staff writer, posted this blog detailing his experience with The Ico Collection. It’s a heartfelt piece that truly moved me and highly recommend you read it. I also had the pleasure to read Michael Wall’s studious post about the reporting mainstream media does on video game culture. These kinds of blogs are why I love 1up. Members like these are the future of video game journalism and represent how strong our community is. Video games can be more than a hobby; they can be a passion and united we are a proud medium in the interact arts. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!

Moving right along, I’ve already stopped playing Doom 3. I’m am such a coward. I was thinking of reviewing the game for Halloween but I can’t go any further without my nerve tightening and being paralyzed with fear by the prospect of just continuing on. So nixed the review; I’m not sure what I’ll be playing next. Also, I’ve given up on San Andreas. I’m so close to beating it. Maybe when I feel like picking it up again, I’ll finally complete that game at 100%. Also, something I didn’t mention before. I tried to play Unreal II for the PC but I can’t. It’s sooooo boring. I can’t give it an actual review since I don’t feel it’s fair to since I didn’t complete the game. However, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Finally, I would like to share my first PixlBit review of Mafia II. I played it using OnLive, so it was the PC version. As always, check out PixlBit for news and awesome reviews and features. That’s all for now. I’ll see you guys later. It’s my mother’s birthday so that’ll be my Friday.


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