The Loss of an Innovator

As I’m sure you have heard, as well as the world, Steve Jobs has passed away. When I heard the news, my first thought was how devastating this was. My second was how surprised I was that it affected me in this way. I have a cousin who died very young because of a brain aneurysm and his death didn’t affect me as much has Steve Jobs did.

The reason for this is that while alive, Steve Jobs was seen as the face of Apple, the company that made hip electronics for hipsters and nerds in the know. What we failed to see sometimes is that Steve Jobs truly delivered ground breaking technologies and changed how the world uses computers forever.

Jobs, with Wozniak pretty much invented the personal computer as we know it with the Apple II. Jobs then revolutionized it with the Macintosh. He then helped bring animated films to a new level with Pixar. With his return to Apple, he changed the music industry by bringing downloadable music to a mainstream audience with the iPod. The iPhone was an all in one device that did anything you wanted.

His accomplishments are staggering and now with his legacy brought to a close, it’s easy to see why we took what he did for granted. We didn’t know if he was done yet. Now that we know he is done, we can thank him for being the innovator of our time. The inventor of our time. Steve Jobs’ name will be placed proudly with the great minds of all time. Edison, Einstein, and Newton, the namesake of Jobs company.

There will never be one like him but let us hope there will be one better than him, so that his work was not in vain.


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