My Gaming Landscape 8-15-11

It’s 10 past 7:30 at night and I’m doing two of my favorite things: reading about video games on and listening to music on Pandora. I’m in a classic rock mood tonight so as I’m listening to Tom Petty, Cream, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the Hollies (Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress, anyone), I start to read blogs from some of the other users on 1up.

First, things first: props to Jessie Miller aka Lazarus1209 for yet another brilliant post today. He’s probably my favorite blogger in the 1up community and he easily could be an editor proper for 1up. If you haven’t already (he’s pretty well known in the community), check out his profile here and his latest post as of this time here: Choose Your Mate. Second, I felt like writing a quick blog about what I’m playing right now, just as a way to see if anyone is interested and if I could start a conversation about games in general off the tops of our heads rather than being thought out, as I usually do before I post anything. So currently I’m playing two different games: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Final Fantasy V.

GTA is a series of games I really enjoy but have a hard time completing. You see, something you need to know about me is that I have OCD tendencies and I am a hardcore completest when it comes to video games. As you can imagine, my innate need to complete everything a game has to offer makes games like GTA nearly impossible to complete. Especially with San Andreas, the different tasks that are offered are quite daunting. In fact, I didn’t play San Andreas that much in the past because I was too intimidated and overwhelmed with all of the goals, missions, and collectibles the game had. However, I recently got over that and am now only two missions away from completing the main story. However, before I do those, I’m not doing all of the side missions and collecting that I’ve missed. I’ve completed the tags and photo ops, conquered the city from the rival gangs, and finished other stuff like the courtier asset in Los Santos and the Trucking asset. Unfortunately, I’ve started doing the taxi missions, which I’ve never liked as it just feels like busy work. It’s still a fine game and you can check my recommendation a few weeks back here.

I’m actually not playing Final Fantasy V from the Final Fantasy Anthology on the PlayStation or Final Fantasy V Advance on the Game Boy Advance. A friend of mine gave me a ROM file for the zSNES emulator that’s being translated in English so I can play the original Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) version of the game. He felt that it’s better to play the original so I could compare the two other versions. So far I’m having a great time with the game and I like the story and job system. The job system specifically is really well designed and thought out. The worst thing about the game is you do need to grind, which is where I am right now. I haven’t gotten too far, I don’t think. I just completed the fire castle and am about to move on to the Ancient Library, I think. This too is a fine game and I recommended it last week. Here’s the link for that if you want more info.

Unfortunately, right now, I’m at a point in both games where there’s a lull in the gameplay. Sometimes titles, especially RPGs and Open World titles, will have points that aren’t as fun or entertaining as the rest of the game is. Some are by design (FFV) and some is just the gamer’s fault (GTA: SA, OCD). I should point out that I’m not going to cheat on any of these titles. I did that for years and it can ruin games for you. I don’t want to lose focus on the games I’m playing but I’m feeling the need to play something less time consuming that is action oriented and quickly satisfying. I’ve been thinking about an FPS but I’m not sure. Then again, a fellow 1upper has offered me a game so I’ll probably start playing that as soon as I receive it for a promised article about said game.

Well, that’s about it. Is there something you’d like to talk about, game related? Holla at your nerd (I promise never to do that again). What are you playing right now? Are you a completest about games? Do you like classic rock? Do you know the song “Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress”? Comment below and let me know about, well, anything really.

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