Discussing: The World is Saved (if you like)

About two weeks ago, CNN posted an article that showed that an average of only 10% of gamers finish the games they play. After reading the article, I was surprised by the numbers and to an extent, the reasons for these low numbers. However, after thinking about what author Blake Snow had to say, along with his sources, I came to the realization that this was completely true in most aspects. To paraphrase, low attention spans, a greater amount of releases and multiplayer are the reasons for the low completion rate. If you have time, I would check out the article here. It’s an interesting read and goes into more detail than I just did. You might be surprised by how accurate it actually is, despite perhaps your inability to accept it.

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Countdown: Best SNES Games

I might as well give my picks for my top five favorite games for the Super Nintendo. I loved my Super Nintendo and there are many more games that I like beyond these five. However, these games completely blew me away and are among my favorite ever, not just for the SNES. So without further ado, lets do this!

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The Legacy of Art of Fighting


Well, here we are at the end of Art of Fighting week. I hope you enjoyed the history and reviews and today we’ll end with a short post about what this series contributed to the genre. If you read the previous entries this week, then you can come to the conclusion that Art of Fighting may not be a great series but it is an intriguing one and it did things other fighting games didn’t.

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Colorwind Reviews Art of Fighting 3: The Path of The Warrior

Art of Fighting 3 (Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden in Japan) is a reaction to the performance of Art of Fighting 2. Although it was released two years after, this release feels like a knee jerk reaction after the second game proved to be less popular. Art of Fighting 3 doesn’t have too much in common with the first two games in the series. The art style is different, the roster is mostly comprised of new characters and the location is nowhere near South Town. Even with all these changes, AoF3 is actually the most accessible fighter in the series and has stood the test of time better than the other titles. However, it’s also the hardest iteration in the series to find. And with all these changes to this title, is it even an Art of Fighting game at all? This is a review of the Arcade version of the game.

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Colorwind Reviews Art of Fighting 2

Art of Fighting 2 (“Ryuuko no Ken 2” in Japan) is an interesting title because it was released during a time when SNK had a number of big hits in the arcades. Fighting games were getting more complex and being released at this time was Super Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat II, Killer Instinct, and Virtua Fighter. SNK’s big fighting games were Fatal Fury Special and Samurai Shodown. It had been a year and a half since the first Art of Fighting game and the fighting game genre was becoming more and more crowded. 1994 however proved to be one of SNK’s busiest years and Art of Fighting 2 was one of the first to be released that year. However, the game didn’t receive as much attention as the first one did. I personally never even saw this game. Unfortunately, this iteration is probably what pushed this series from a top contender to a secondary franchise. Now, this could be attributed to the over saturation of the genre, making it a casualty. Maybe the game just wasn’t as good as the first. I know that this game has many improvements over the original and in many ways, is what you expect from a sequel. More of everything from the original with tweaks and changes made to correct problems in the first. So what’s wrong with this sequel? Is there anything wrong at all? Let’s find out as we take a look at the Arcade version of Art of Fighting 2.

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Colorwind Reviews Art of Fighting

0020You have a successful game. People want a sequel. What do you do? You release a brand new series that serves as a prequel to the first game! It has none of the characters from the first game and removes the dual planes feature! Brilliant! Okay, maybe not. However, when you have a game like Art of Fighting, that might not be such a bad thing. This review is based on the Arcade version of the game.

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The Art of a Fighting Series


Welcome to the inaugural post in Art of Fighting week! For those who don’t know, all this week I’ll be posting an editorial once a day from Monday through Friday about SNK’s Art of Fighting franchise. Being the first day, I’ll focus on the history of the series as well as my personal experience with the games. So without further ado, let’s play the Art of Fighting series. Kooh-Ken!

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Introducing…Art of Fighting Week!

Here’s a quick post to let you guys know that next week I’ll be writing about the Art of Fighting series of fighting games released by SNK in the early to mid nineties. Monday will be an article detailing my experience with the franchise as well as its history. Tuesday will be a review of the first game. Wednesday will be a review of the second game. Thursday will be a review of the third game. Finally, Friday will be an article about the impact the Art of Fighting series has had on the fighting game genre. If you’re not familiar with the series, I hope you’ll check out my collection of blogs and get learned about one of the founding series in fighting games.

Recommendations of the Week 8-19-11

This week’s picks are brought to you by Germany. I mattered because some big announcements were made at my convention.

Willkommen to this installment of Recommendations of the Week for August 18th, 2011. The summer drought is finally being lifted and although there’s not too many brand new games released this week, there are plenty of choices. Gamescom in Cologne, Germany yielded lots of news and things to get excited about and everyone and everything except for our wallets are happy with what’s new in video games. However, this week also showed a decent lineup of games to get now rather than the titles at Gamescom which are later. Some may be mad about the DRM on the PC version of From Dust but there are games that aren’t trying to screw you over! This week has a plastic army, a foul-mouthed degenerate, a beautiful work of art, and an old epic friend.

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Colorwind Reviews SoulCalibur II–Does The Soul Still Burn?

Fighting games rejuvenated the arcade market in the early 90s. Street Fighter II was a sensation and many imitators soon followed. One of the essential reasons for the success of fighting games is the competitive nature of the genre. I remember people gathered around Super Street Fighter II, Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat II cabinets and watching the players fight against each others while aspiring combatants placed their token or quarter on the edge of the plastic surrounding the screen, a sign of dibs on the next game. Tournaments such as EVO pit gamers against each other in various fighting titles with the promise of a cash award and props for the year. Fighting games are a genre that has the potential to display video games as a competitive sport.

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