Colorwind Reviews Day of Defeat–Is It Still Fun?

I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 for a little while now and I decided to try another FPS multiplayer game. I bought the complete Valve pack off Steam a couple of years ago and I had Day of Defeat, a game I’ve never played. Side note: I’m talking about the original, not Source, the remake using the Source engine. I had it there and installed but never tried it. I started to wonder if it was any good and so I tried it.

I played it for a couple of hours and realized that I was having a great time. However, there was something nagging me as I played. While I was playing, there were bugs that caught me stuck in front of another player. I died and fell into the ground. I blew myself up because a grenade bounced off an invisible wall and back at me. It became apparent to me that this game lacked polish. However, I also wondered if this was acceptable back then.

Day of Defeat is a 11 year old mod of Half Life. As such, it’s impressive still. It’s a first person shooter, is only multiplayer and has a World War II theme. Players will do mostly standard fare of capturing points and destroying / protecting certain landmarks. As I played, I noticed that although I was still getting killed instantly by snipers, there was a map (a pretty sizable one) in the upper hand corner so I wouldn’t get lost. I knew almost instantly what to do. Blow up the bridge, capture the various flag points. There were however a couple of matches that were nothing but snipers and rocket launchers and that wasn’t fun at all as I was just getting cut down before I could do much of anything.

In this way, it seems that Day of Defeat was an early attempt to bring in n00bs of the genre in by giving them a fighting chance. The map helped new players adjust quickly, and not every weapon is a one hit kill. Also the levels are well design that they don’t convolute the play space too much and confuse players. However, I think it was eventually unsuccessful. Day of Defeat is good but not the most inviting to new players, despite its attempts, and it shows its age. However, this brings me to my point.

Is Day of Defeat too old now? Are multiplayer games like this similar to sports games, in that the new game replaces the older one? I enjoy playing Day of Defeat but I can’t help but think that I could just be playing Team Fortress 2 and have more fun. Retro games such as Mario and Castlevania and Street Fighter are fun in their own right and don’t rely on other outside influences to remain that way. FPS multiplayer though is only as good as its community. I know the Day of Defeat community seems to be strong still but its not as notable as Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament.

I personally may still play more but I’ll probably move on to something else or just stay with Team Fortress 2. I’m a little burnt on World War II anyway.

3 out of 5


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