Alice: Madness Returns Impressions


Alice Madness Returns is the sequel to the ten years old American McGee’s Alice. The game is a more macabre take on the Lewis Carroll stories and features grim interpretations of Wonderland’s denizens. Alice must jump, explore and battle enemies to traverse the now shattered land that dwells inside her mind.

The game starts in London. Although having pieced back together Wonderland and her mind in the first game enough to be let out of the asylum she was in, Alice still is having a hard time letting go of the past. Her parents died when a fire burned down her home, leaving her the only survivor. You’ll walk around London in a extremely linear pathway which only serves to get you to the next cut scene and to advance the story. Each chapter starts this way. However, the segment doesn’t last long and Alice is eventually transported back into Wonderland. At first, the world seems quite charming and beautiful but you soon realize is a farce. The graphics look beautiful if not well done. The game’s looks are impressive artistically, not technically. There are problems with invisible walls and hit detection as in where you land and walk around the levels.

As you start running around Wonderland, things bloom and creatures will fly by, implying a living world. Alice controls well and the combat system is fast, fun and well designed. However, dodging can sometimes be hit and miss as you’ll find yourself dodging towards your enemy’s attack rather than from it. The sound is great and is crisp and clear. The voice acting is absolutely sublime with the voice actors taking advantage of British idioms and their character’s idiosyncrasies. Language is a major part of this game’s appeal and it adds charm to the game’s rather dark situations, strange plotline and insensitive personalities. I’ve only completed the first chapter but so far, the game is funny, if slightly repetitive. I’ll write a full review once I complete the game.


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