Old School: You Got RICK’D!!

I’m racing up the final stretch in Peach Beach. I’ve passed the Cataquacks and I’ve collected my final item box. The final lap is about to end. I release my item, a banana peel, behind me. The finish line is a mere second away. Victory is imminent. Suddenly, my kart flips over! I’ve been hit by a green shell! I’ve stopped right before the finish line. I just need to inch my way across it. Then my opponent crosses the finish line just before I do. I look to my treacherous friend, Rick. “MuthaFUCKA, man!” He laughs at my misfortune. My other friend, David, joins him in his revelry. I’m already smiling. I soon star laughing as well. Only in Mario Kart can a friend be a complete ass and steal a victory from you and you’ll be smiling before they do.

I’ve so many memories of Mario Kart. Specifically, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! My friends, the aforementioned David and Rick, would come over to my house and we would play that game for hours. Sometimes, another friend of ours, Roxy, would play with us as well. The four player matches became pretty epic. Have found that the koopa troopas, the Bowsers, and the Kongs are the best characters due to their special items. David, in particular, is quite annoying with combination of Bowser Jr. and Diddy Kong. Since both are small characters, he can select a kart with fast acceleration and he’ll flood the road with banana peels, both big and small, and giant shells just spinning around aimlessly. Rick is good at somehow getting by at the end. Item preparation seems to be irrelevant. Whatever items he gets in the last lap always seems to be what he needs to get ahead. Whether it be a blue shell, a star or a mushroom, he’ll do what he needs to cross the finish line just before you do, leading to this act to be nicknamed “Rick’d”.

We would go through all the courses easy and then we would pick individual courses at random. Some of our favorites are the Daisy Cruiser, Waluigi Stadium, and DK Mountain courses. Some of our least favorites are the Mushroom City, Yoshi’s Circuit, and the always unforgiving Rainbow Road courses. However, our all time favorite course is easily Baby Park. We’ll replay that track over and over. Since it’s a small course that just circles around and around for seven laps, many of the items (giant shells, bananas) remain there for the following few laps. Needless to say, things get insane, fast. The constant boosting, all the items left on the track, you get into a groove and even that won’t save you.

Now, as my friends have drifted apart, doing our own things in life, we don’t get to hang out as much as we did before. When we do however, at some part in between Smash Bros, Soul Calibur, and whatever new game we’re trying out that night (recently it’s been Mortal Kombat), we’ll usually pop in Double Dash at some point (especially since we were disappointed in Mario Kart Wii). I’ll leave you with one thought: when a blue shell has been used and you’re in first place, slow down. Hit the brake so that the racer behind you will get caught in the blue shell’s blast. Take someone down with you!

What are your favorite Mario Kart memories? My favorite in the series is Double Dash but what is yours? Do you have any moments you remember where you got “Rick’d”? Share and let me know. Let’s a-Go!


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