Recommendations of the Week 7-29-11

This week’s Recommendations of the Week is brought to you by the Weather Channel. We let you know not to go outside.

Welcome to this week’s Recommendations of the Week. This is a weekly blog post that suggests to you games to play for the upcoming week or for the weekend. Want to buy or rent or download a game and you don’t know what to spend your money on? Is said money burning a hole in your pocket, ruining your pants? Then this is the article for you! Who spends extra money on food? LOSERS THAT’S WHO! Gamers can live on ramen noodles and frag kills. This week, we’ve got a puzzle game with infidelity and this week’s retro pick celebrates its ten year anniversary.

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Colorwind Reviews Sonic Heroes–Sonic and His Shitty Friends

Sonic_Heroes_coverSega. Sega. Sega. What happened? Sonic the Hedgehog is the series that got me into gaming. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Genesis is the first game I ever played. Even the less popular Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball and the Sonic Adventure series have a charm that can’t be matched. Why are you subjecting Sonic to asinine filth like this? Why am I playing three characters at once? Why are Amy, Cream and Big the Cat in this game? NO ONE LIKES THEM! Who the hell is Omega? The inclusion of Knuckles Chaotix characters is a cool if obscure choice but I don’t want to play as them. Why do you have them collecting crap instead of going through levels like everyone else? Why did you leave out Mighty the Armadillo from the Chaotix game? This game frustrates me as a fan and as a gamer because this could’ve been at least good if not great.

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Colorwind Reviews Day of Defeat–Is It Still Fun?

I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 for a little while now and I decided to try another FPS multiplayer game. I bought the complete Valve pack off Steam a couple of years ago and I had Day of Defeat, a game I’ve never played. Side note: I’m talking about the original, not Source, the remake using the Source engine. I had it there and installed but never tried it. I started to wonder if it was any good and so I tried it.

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Colorwind Reviews Alice: Madness Returns–One Pill Makes You Larger and One Pill Makes You Small

Oh Alice. You’re a childhood memory to all. The splendors of Wonderland and its inhabitants are staples of the imagination. The colloquial collection of colors and the spontaneous sentiments of the strange denizens of this domain are now common characters that are a part of fairytale folklore. The popular Disney film gave us a visual representation of Wonderland first hand and its beauty was now interpreted for us all to see.

It’s true that all things come to an end and what goes up must come down. Later as adults, we learn of the drug overtones and more perverse aspects of the tale. The famous Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit” is now a classic looking glass view of the counter culture’s idea of Wonderland. Disney has a new film now showcasing an older Alice and a distressed Wonderland. The once benevolent Queen of Hearts is now a clear antagonist and threat to Wonderland. “Down with the bloody, red queen” as it were. Alice becomes more adult as the whimsy is replace by cold, harsh truth. Will truth destroy Wonderland? Will Alice’s adult life and tribulations shattered the beautiful imaginative land? What used to be colorful and fantastically has become hellish and depraved. The fun adventure has turned into an arduous journey. The dream is now a nightmare. Oh Alice. What have you done?

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Recommendation of the Week: Bastion

From the depths of this summer drought in video games is a glimmer of hope in the form of online distributed titles. Each year, Microsoft has a Summer of Arcade event where a selection of Xbox Live Arcade games are released, poised as some of the best titles that’ll be released that year. Past entries include ‘Splosion Man, Shadow Complex, Braid, Limbo, and Castle Crashers. All of these games proved to be fun, unique games that you wouldn’t find in retail. This year’s Summer of Arcade is being kicked off with Bastion.

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Colorwind Reacts: Activision vs. EA

On March 1st 2010, a group of “bouncer-type” people showed up at developer Infinity Ward’s office and refused to answer why they were there. Vince Zampella and Jason West, the two heads of Infinity Ward, had gone to a meeting with Activision executives and hadn’t been seen since. By the following morning, Zampella and West had been fired and had been replaced temporarily by two Activision employees. Following this, nearly half of the staff resigned in the next three months and most of them joined their former bosses in their new development studio, Respawn Entertainment.

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Discussing: My Nintendo 64 Experience

Last week, I posted a Nintendo 64 Buyer’s Guide. Check that out here if you want to see that. That article gave a lot of love to the last cartridge based Nintendo console. This can be contributed to the fact that the Nintendo 64 or N64 has aged quite well in terms of game quality. Sure the graphics and textures have aged badly but gameplay has stood the test of time. Also, Nintendo fans are loyal as all hell. A system can be great but it doesn’t matter if no one knows. Sony fans should take note as the PlayStation Vita enters the market and the PSP is attributed to the past. Personally, the N64 was the first console I ever got around the time of its launch. My mother got me my console about a month after it was released. I had one game, Super Mario 64. As I’ve mentioned before to those who have read my previous pieces, this is and has remained my favorite Mario game of all time.


When I look back at my memories of the N64 at the time when it was the current console, most of them are of frustration, confusion and disappointment. There are many reasons for this and because of all the problems I had, I now realize that this is what started my dislike of Nintendo’s business practices, which has grown and continues today.

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Alice: Madness Returns Impressions


Alice Madness Returns is the sequel to the ten years old American McGee’s Alice. The game is a more macabre take on the Lewis Carroll stories and features grim interpretations of Wonderland’s denizens. Alice must jump, explore and battle enemies to traverse the now shattered land that dwells inside her mind.

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Recommendation of the Week: Ms. Splosion Man

MsSplosionMan_1SPLOSION MAN!!!

One of my favorite XBLA games now has a sequel and it looks like it’ll be better than the last. Added features like rail sliding, new outdoors locals and epic boss battles follows the traditional of Pac-Man in that the fairer sex has the better game. Ms. Splosion spurts out one liners like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Draaamaaa”, and “What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man” while she runs, skips and tiptoes through the levels, sploding scientists, machinery and platforms along the way.

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The Nintendo 64 Buyer’s Guide

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