Colorwind Reacts: Sony E3 2011 Press Conference

So tired but I must push onward.

First things first: the PlayStation Network outage. Jack Tretton made a heartfelt apology and although it was rehearsed, it was probably the best way Sony could’ve handled the situation. He also mentioned some of the other features PS3 does and added Cinema Now to that list.

Uncharted 3

Sony starts off with arguably their most anticipated game of the year, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. The demo shows off a boat level sneaking around, stealthily knocking out guards and engaging in gunfights. As always, it is a beautiful game and the game mechanics seem extremely realistic. There will be a multiplayer beta later this month and Naughty Dog and Sony have teamed up with Subway (what!?) to give you the entire multiplayer game early. A trailer was then shown. The game looks awesome and I’m looking forward to this game. To be fair, there was nothing extraordinary about the trailer or demo. It merely confirmed that this game will be awesome. It’ll be released November 1st of this year.

Resistance 3

The chimara have won the war and mankind face extinction in Resistance 3. A demo of the game shows the environments and the enemies and they look real pretty like. They show off what appears to be an ambush gone bad. It looks good if uninspired. Resistance will be released in a bundle with PlayStation Move and the sharpshooter gun.

God of War Origins Collection

The two PSP games are going to be ported to the PS3. YAY!

3D Technology

Sony will be releasing cheap 3D televisions and bundles to get more people into the 3D craze. They’re trying. I’ll give them that. I don’t care about 3D but I’ve never seen it for myself. This will help adoption, I’m sure.

NBA 2k12

Oh my god. PlayStation move looks so hard on NBA 2k12. “It’s so easy”. Bull. This will make the game unnecessarily hard. Then here comes Kobe and proves my point. He couldn’t play the game with move and was losing. NBA 2k12 is the best basketball game out there but don’t use Move with it. That’s just dumb.

Medieval Moves

Completely using PlayStation Move, this new game is in first person and has a fantasy setting. However, the controls seem clunky and not as precise as the says it is. There’s no inventory system so that’s cool as you can switch to sword, bow and arrow, throwing stars and shield easily but again the controls makes unintuitive. The game will come out this fall. This game is meh.

Infamous 2

It’s coming out tomorrow. You know everything you need to know about this game already. A trailer was shown. It’s going to be awesome. Some functionality is also being added in September for the game. Moving on.

Little Big Planet 2

More PlayStation Move functionality is being added. That’s it.


Coming out in early 2012. A new trailer was shown. Looks meh.

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

Sly Cooper is back! This made me so happy! The trailer looks well done and the cartoony look is lovely. It’ll be out in 2012. I WANT THIS GAME!!!

Dust 514

This game will use the PlayStation Move and will work with the NGP and is truly cross platform. Honestly, I’m confused. My first reaction was “What?!” The game looks like a basic FPS that looks like Crysis. There will be a beta in the fall and will be released in Spring of 2012.

Bioshock Infinite

Wow. I knew Bioshock was going to be awesome but wow. That game is just so well designed. The art design is just crazy awesome. Then Ken Lavigne announces that PlayStation Move will be compatible. If anyone can make PlayStation Move work, it’s Ken and his Bioshock team. Ken also announced that a Bioshock game will come out on the new NGP. Jack Tretton also announced that Bioshock Infinite will come with Bioshock 1 on the PS3.

Saints Row The Third

The PS3 version will have exclusive content. Cool. Next.

Star Trek

A trailer was shown. I’m not sure what the game will be like. A phaser peripheral will be made for it. It’s coming in 2012. Looks okay.


Mt. Fuji will be an exclusive level for the PS3. Sony’s getting the exclusives.

Need for Speed The Run

PS3 version will have exclusive cars. Sony’s getting the edge in the multi platform games.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 1943 will be bundled with the game only on the PS3. That’s really cool.

PlayStation Suite

There will be PlayStation certified tablets and smartphones. Not much was said. Moving on.

PlayStation Vita

The name of the new PlayStation NGP. It’s a stupid name. The touch screens, dual camera, dual analog sticks is all there. I noticed that the buttons seem to be smaller and more clustered together. Hope that won’t be a problem. There will be two versions, a Wi-Fi and a 3G version. The provider for internet will be AT&T. That’s where Sony fucked up. The crowd even moaned when they said that. A social system called Near and Party will be used by the Pietà. I like the PS Vita but man that’s a stupid name and getting AT&T is really a horrible move.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

A demo of the game (and also of the PlayStation Vita itself) showed off the graphics and touch screen capabilities. It does look like a beautiful game, especially for a handheld game and the touch screen functionality is impressive and responsive although it can seem to be a bit much, but luckily you can use the buttons to do everything. I think that game will be great and will showcase the Vita very well.


Another Vita game. A role playing game in the vein of Diablo, the graphics look good and the action seems decent. A PS3 version will also be released and will be seamlessly transferable with the Vita version. Similar to the Transfarring Konami announced in their conference. Seems like an okay game. Will probably check it out at some point.

Mod Nation Racers

The PlayStation Vita version made exclusively for the portable. The touch screen functionality was the focus, showing how it’s used to easily make tracks and landscapes. It’ll be compatible with the courses made with the PS3 version. This game will be good because the original Mod Nation Racers was good. So if you want (another) portable version of Mod Nation Racers with better graphics, you’ll like this.

Wipeout 2048

Will have cross platform functionality between PS3 and Vita. Good. Sony is focused on linking everything.

Little Big Planet

A version for the Vita, a video was shown listing its features. It’s pretty cool what you can do with the cameras. Also, it’s Little Big Planet so it’ll be great. Also, it’ll use Little Big Planet 2 tools.

Street Fighter X Tekken

A trailer was shown using the Street Fighter 4 engine. It was announced that a Vita version is also being made and that Cole from Infamous will be playable. A short demo was shown, showcasing Cole in the game. I’m looking forward to this game and I’m sure the Vita version will be great but will it be worthwhile after the playing the console versions? We’ll have to see.

A video showing off Vita was then played. Uncharted, Wipeout, Little Big Planet, Super Stardust, Mod Nation Racers, and Ruin were showcased as well as some unknown titles. Vita will be released this holiday season and will cost $250 for Wi-Fi only and $300 for 3G.

The conference ended with a performance from some drum players and a DJ. Well, I have to say that Sony brought it. Their conference was really good and I enjoyed it more than EA’s. However, Sony REALLY screwed up teaming up with AT&T. That was a huge misstep and they must know that they screwed up after the reaction of the crowd. Sony was able to handle the Network fall out rather well and this conference went a long way to heal those wounds. However, people aren’t going to forgive them that easily. Sony needs to keep doing what they did today. Release great games and for the people who support you. Standouts were Uncharted 3, Bioshock Infinite, Sly Cooper and PlayStation Vita.


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