Colorwind Reacts: Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference

Ready, Set GO!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The press conference opened up with an in game demo of MW3. It did show a pretty cool underwater level but underwater levels tend to suck. It progressed to a firefight on top of and then into a submarine. It ended with a escape from the sub with a raft boat. As always, it looked great and the environments and locals looked flawless. I’m still not excited for the game but I probably will play it.

Tomb Raider

Wow. This game looks so intense. The demo involves Lara Croft escaping from some kind of underground cavern from some kidnappers. The graphics are unbelievable good and the game is great at creating a sense of urgency. Lara’s constant exclamations can get a bit wearing but I am so excited for this game.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour, FIFA, Madden NFL and the Sims 3 Pets will have Kinect Support. Makes sense. Moving on…

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 will support Kinect and specifically the voice recognition technology. Honestly, I think this is a stupid idea. It doesn’t add anything to the game. The in game demo showed how it works with the dialog trees (you say your dialog now) and combat (you command your team). The game itself looks like Mass Effect, which isn’t bad but it’s nothing surprising.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier

A trailer was shown and was adequate. An in game demo was shown afterwards. It showed how it will be Kinect ready and how it manipulates the gun options and gameplay. The menus look good but gameplay looks awkward. The guy demoing the gameplay looked like he was riding a light cycle. At the end, Ubisoft announced that all Tom Clancy games will use Kinect.

Xbox Live

A demo shows the new voice only interface along with a revamped menu system. YouTube service will now be on the 360 and Bing will now be used to search online and the Xbox marketplace. Live TV will also be released on the 360 this fall. YAY LIVE TV! YAY YOUTUBE! YAY finally having a way to find everything. Bing, eh but I’ll take it. I like Netflix on the 360 and this is just going to expand that.


UFC fights will now be on Xbox live. Cool. I like to watch a good fight now and then. I don’t care too much but it’s nice to have, just like ESPN.

Gears of War 3

Cliffy B as always showed off an in game demo and had Ice-T as his co-op partner. The demo looked like what you expect from Gears and again that’s not a bad thing. The action is intense, the graphics are muddy although the seem to be a little more colorful and it’ll be a fun game. Ice-T also announced that he’s getting his rock band Body Count back together to do a song for the game.


A new game from developer Crytek was announced for the Xbox 360’s Kinect called Ryse. You are a warrior and you do all the controlling with your own hands. A short teaser trailer was shown. We’ll see if this works.

Halo HD

A trailer for a HD remastered Halo 1 was shown and will be released in November 2011. I love the first game and will pick this up.

Forza Motorsport 4

A trailer using in game graphics was shown. Side Note: using Kanye West’s Power = awesome. It’ll use Top Gear, will have a slew of features and will be released in October. Looks like another solid iteration.

Fable: The Journey

“Announced” by Peter Molyneux, a trailer and then gameplay using Kinect was shown. It seems the game will be in first person and you can use your hands to cast spells. However, it looks like the game is on rails. On the other hand, the gameplay mechanics look really cool and I really want to conjure spells in my hands and get that sense of feeling of power. It’ll come out in 2012.


Minecraft is coming out on the 360 with Kinect support. Cool. Disney is releasing a virtual tour of Disneyland for Kinect, complete with Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland levels. Who cares. Both come out this fall.

Kinect Star Wars

CONFIRMED! Okay so it leaked before the conference. Still looks cool and I’ll definitely try it. Gameplay was shown and the force powers seem a bit wonky. Light saber mechanics seem a bit off too. Also, the game seems to be on rails as well although you can dash and jump in these pre determined environments.

Double Fine

Tim Schaffer announced a Sesame Street game called Once upon a Monster. It uses Kinect as well. It’s a kiddie game, make no mistake. I won’t go near it. However, having said that, it’s colorful and Elmo and Cookie Monster seem to be used well. At least Tim Shaffer’s daughter is looking forward to it.

Kinect Fun Labs

A development tool for all to use. Body scanning is actually impressive in that it works. Really well actually. It can make your avatar look just like you. Finger Tracking lets you draw in 3D, which is cool technically but seems like a relatively useless feature. Item scanning returns and looks like it works but lets see if you can actually do something with it. Kinect Fun Labs is available…NOW! GO GET IT!

Kinect Sports Season Two

A short trailer was shown highlighting some of the sports in the game, such as Tennis, Football and Darts. A demo of golf was shown, showcasing the voice functions. The swing seemed delayed to me. Football was also shown. You picked your play and hiked the ball using voice functions. Looks pretty cool or at least football did. I’ll probably try it.

Dance Central 2

First things first: all the songs from the first game can be imported into the second game. A live demo of simultaneous multiplayer was shown. It’s a great way to look like a fool but damn it, it’s fun. A sequel to the only game worth playing for Kinect thus far, sign me up!

Halo 4

A teaser was shown for Halo 4. I’m not sure that was Master Chief in the trailer. Looks promising. Coming holiday 2012.

The focus of the conference was definitely Kinect but they didn’t state that out right. So it felt like they were saying “Oh we have these awesome games! By the way, they also support Kinect.” I was pleased by the press conference and thought that there wasn’t anything mind blowing but they had nothing but great stuff to show. Standouts for me are the Xbox live announcements and definitely Tomb Raider.


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