Colorwind Reacts: Konami’s Post E3 2011 Press Conference

Alright. Konami’s press conference for E3 was today so let’s get to it.

Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater for the Nintendo 3DS

I never played the original on the PS2. I’ve actually never played many games in the franchise, with the exception of Metal Gear Solid 2. However, this looks good and I can see the 3D being really good and beneficial towards this game. Plus, it’s cool to have this game in your hands. Having said that, I don’t like the 3DS. You have to keep the system relatively still to see correctly and most of the time, it eventually comes down to you getting frustrated and turning the 3D off. Overall, I’m not excited for this game, mainly due to the hardware itself.

PES 2011

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 looks great. I’m sure it’ll be an improvement over the previous entry in the series. I’m not a soccer fan so I don’t care. Moving on.

Never Dead

It’s a third person shooter in which you can’t die. You’re limbs can come off but you can use that to your advantage (including ripping your own head off). Cut scenes have annoying female characters and bad voice acting. The gameplay looks like basic third person run-around-and-kill-everything-for-the-next-room/cut-scene. It’s going to suck.

Silent Hill HD Collection for the PS3

It contains Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Probably the best two games in the series. Sounds great and I know many people, including a friend of mine, that will be extremely excited for this game. However, I’m a coward and these games scare me. So I’m am not looking forward to this collection.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the Sony NGP / Vita

A new title for Sony’s next portable system. Don’t know too much about it. Again, I’m scared so I’m not interested.

Silent Hill: Downpour

The latest title in the series. Looks very good graphically. It has a gloomy, dark atmosphere just like all the other games. Looks very scary so it’s not for me but fans of the series should be very excited. Also, the story seems to be changing the standard fare a bit. You’re a convict now in the town.

Silent Hill movie

They’re making another Silent Hill movie. In 3D. The original Silent Hill movie wasn’t the worse video game movie but really, who cares.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the PS3 and 360

Contains Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Peace Walker. It’s going to be released at the end of this year and each game is optimized for widescreen HD. This will be the first time Peace Walker is to be released on a console. This is the reason to not care about the 3DS version of Snake Eater. A side note: we don’t know if the version of 2 and 3 will be Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater or Substance and Subsistence, respectively.


Konami’s new feature that allows you to transfer PS3 saves so you can continue you game on a PSP and vice versa. I like this feature and am surprise it doesn’t exist already. This feature will be exclusive to Sony products (obviously) and will work for Peace Walker in the MGS HD Collection. I’m assuming it’ll work for the other games on the collection as well but I’m not sure.

Zone of the Enders HD Collection for the PS3 and 360

I never played these game when they first came out but now I can! This collection will also be compatible with Transfarring for the PS3 version. This collection will be released in 2012. It’s kind of a long time until it’s to be released but I’ll definitely check it out.

Fox Engine

Hideo Kojima showed off this new game engine created by Kojima Productions. It looks powerful and the tech demo appeared to be a action game with richly detailed environments and lighting effects. It looks like a powerful engine that can be used to create some really beautiful games. Something to look at and keep in mind. A new unannounced game from Kojima will use this technology.


At the end of the press conference, a flame travels and swirls across a black back drop until the merged and formed the Contra “C” logo. A caption below read “They’re Coming”. What does this mean? It means a new Contra game is in development. HELL YEAH!!! This teaser ended the video.

There’s a run down of the Konami conference and some of my opinions. Overall, Konami’s press conference was pretty good, if a little predictable. Nothing really blew me away but I am looking forward to the MGS collection and there was nothing particularly bad and more importantly: no slide shows of earning statistics.


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