Colorwind Reviews Cool Spot (Genesis) – Fair Advertisement

Cool Spot (U) [!]000Cool Spot for the Sega Genesis is a platformer starring the mascot for 7up soda. Something needs to be said right away. This game is just an ad for 7up. Nothing more. Having said that, this game is still fun and as long as you get it for a good price (no more than five bucks), it’s worth picking up.

You play as Cool Spot and you walk around shooting enemies and jumping on platforms, climbing ropes and chains and collecting spots. The objective to each level isn’t to reach the end like most games in the genre. Instead, you collect enough spots throughout the level until you’re notified to find the cage. Once you do, you break it open, freeing one of your friends and the level is over. 11 stages are in this game and there’s six themes to the levels.

Spot moves sluggishly and the jumping mechanics seem to be somewhat quirky but I sat down and played this game and couldn’t stop. By no means is this a great game, but by no means is this a bad game. If you’re a fan of platformers, then you will enjoy this game because it does offer a fair amount of challenge and you’ll become determined to collect all of the spots in each level for the highest score. Also, the bonus levels take place inside of a 7up 2 liter bottle and that’s kind of cool.

Check it out if you want to play a game not too many people know about.


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